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10 Things to Consider Before Buying Wedding Jewelry

10 Things to Consider Before Buying Wedding Jewelry
The perfect kind of jewelry not only helps to complement your wedding gown, but it also remains to be the objects that hold very high sentimental value. Here are 10 things you would need to consider before buying jewelry for your most special day.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Wedding jewelry is very important for a bride to be. Once the design for the gown is decided, a woman would always be on the lookout for the perfect matching jewels. Wearing the right kind can help accentuate your appearance. The type you choose can be really loud, simple, or elegant. The design finally chosen is a matter of personal opinion.
Things to Consider
Budget: First and foremost, you need to fix the budget for shopping as mentioned before. This would help you to narrow down your search. Jewelry shopping can get really expensive, therefore, it is a better bet to fix upon a certain amount. It would help you to make a better and faster mode of selection as well.
Wedding Gown: Finalizing your gown before you go on a jewelry shopping spree is important. This would also help you to get a proper picture of the kind of bridal accessories that you would require. The main aim is that they should blend well with your wedding gown. Further, think about the neckline of the gown. Is it a sweetheart neckline or a V-shaped one? This would help you to decide what kind of necklace you would need to buy. If your dress is heavy or elaborate, does it require you to spend an extravagant amount on ornaments? In such cases, you would look more beautiful with some minimal elegant designs.
Color: The color of your wedding gown would also play an important role. A white wedding gown would look beautiful when combined with platinum or pearl jewelry. Pearls help to add a sophisticated touch to the new bride!
Fabric: The fabric of your gown would also be a deciding factor. The basic finish of both the gown and the jewelry should blend well.
Family Heirlooms: You do not always have to spend an exorbitant amount. Browse through your mother's jewelry box and you might just find the perfect piece. You will look absolutely gorgeous wearing your mother or grandmother's jewelry.
Hairdo: Your hair and makeup also need to be planned once you finalize your gown. If you have a modern styled dress with a stylish hairdo, then you can opt for large chandelier earrings that can add the right amount of sparkle to your outfit. If you wish to leave your hair loose, then you can opt for a flamboyant necklace with simple earrings since your hair are bound to cover the ears.
The Wedding Band: The band is a symbol of love and promise between couples. Always choose a classy design that would reflect your personality as well. They look more attractive when they are simple and elegant.
Stones: Think about the kind of stones you would prefer. There are plenty to choose from, right from diamonds to pearls. Every gemstone has a unique look, therefore, you would need to decide the kind of overall look you are trying to create. If you have a lesser budget, you can go in for semiprecious stones that can come in a variety of colors and can look equally beautiful when styled into the jewelry.
Bedecking: To complete your wedding outfit, it does not always mean that you have to wear different types of jewelry from head to toe. You don't want to look like a Christmas tree. If you are wearing long earrings, wear a necklace with a thin strand. Remember to play down certain areas.
Long-term Buying: Buy jewelry with the perspective to wear it in the future too. Hence, don't buy such extravagant pieces that you wear only once and then they are kept as showpieces in your wardrobe.
So, we hope this article makes jewelry shopping for your special day a bit easy. Happy shopping!
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