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Fascinating Wedding Kissing Balls

Aparna Jadhav Sep 30, 2018
Earlier used only as Christmas decorations, kissing balls or pomanders have now become quite popular for any kind of celebration or event that demands decoration. They are basically foam balls that are adorned with flowers, fabric, etc., to give it a round and full appearance.
While the earlier versions were made using holly and mistletoe, today they are made using many different materials. The favorite though is still flowers: real or artificial. They are used extensively to decorate the wedding venues, tables and even as bridal and bridesmaids' bouquets.

Know here, to make your own kissing balls and how to use them at a wedding.

As Décor

Use a combination of leaves and flowers
Tie them to the arms of chairs
Place them on pedestals
Use complementing elements
Use white as the base and introduce sporadic color
Suspend them with matching ribbons
Keep them in glasses as table decorations
Tie them to the railings with flowing ribbons
Stick one on the bridal chair
Use bright green leaves for something quirky

As Bouquets

Use a combination of roses and gerberas in bright colors to contrast the gown
Use carnations in a single color and complement them with pearl fillers and pins
Use a light base color and punctuate with berries, bright flowers and leaves
Go all white to match the wedding gown, keeping the stems long for a dash of color
Use multicolored wild flowers for bridesmaids' bouquets
Go with the mums, an all-time favorite

How to Make One

What you need

• Foam ball
• Flowers and fillers of choice (enough to completely cover the foam ball)
• Scissors
• Colored ribbons
• Super glue
What to do

1. You can start by cutting the stems of the flowers in the desired lengths.

2. Leave a few leaves on the stems so the ball looks full once it's ready.

3. Push the flowers into the foam ball according to what you want the final arrangement to look like. You can use fancy pins to keep the flowers in place.
4. Fill the surface of the foam ball with the flowers and fillers.

5. Tie the colored ribbons to the stems if you want a bouquet.

6. If you want to hang the ball or use it as a table decoration, cut the stems completely and cover the entire foam ball with the flowers. Then, you'll need to super-glue the ribbons to the top in a loop.
7. You can use things like beads, pins, etc., to complement the flowers that you use.

8. You can also use paper or fabric flower cutouts to make them.

Best Flowers to Use

• Roses
• Orchids
• Gerbera daisies
• Carnations
• Chrysanthemums
• Sunflowers
You can buy ready-to-use kissing balls, but they're so easy to make that you should at least give it a shot before you buy them. Just remember, if you're using fresh flowers, keep spraying them with water so they remain fresh throughout the wedding.