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Wedding Party Duties

Before the bride and groom can say "I do", there are various wedding party duties that need to be taken care of. Read the following article to find out exactly what these responsibilities are, and who is in charge of what...
Wedessence Staff
Every bride-to-be has at least once, if not her entire life, pictured how her wedding day would be like. Months of planning, getting every minute little details organized, and actually have the dream wedding she's always wanted is no joke. For a bride, her wedding day is one of the most memorable and beautiful days of her life which she will never forget. And for that, there are literally hundreds of things to be taken care of. And this is where her family and close, personal friends come in. To make a wedding successful and working like a well-oiled machine, everyone has set duties that need to be taken care of. The wedding party duties should be delegated to family and friends so that the bride can be left with as little responsibilities as possible. Her dream wedding is not just about marrying the one she loves; she has to take care of a lot of things before the big day. And to make this day go by as smoothly as possible, with very little glitches, follow the guidelines mentioned in this article below.
It is said that when tasks are delegated, properly planned with enough time in hand, and are being done on time, the chances of errors are reduced drastically. A timeline can also be set to make sure that everything is going according to plan and no task is being overlooked or forgotten.

It can be overwhelming, not just for the bride and groom, but for everyone who's involved in the wedding, to plan the wedding. You require a proper checklist that can be followed properly and accurately, that too on time. Print out the duties and hand them over respectively.
Maid of Honor
» Choosing the wedding gown, yours and bridesmaid dresses.
» Any details, help the bride with whatever she wants.
» Help in writing and mailing the wedding invitations.
» Organize a bridal shower and bachelorette party.
» Purchase wedding favors with the bride and help with wedding registry.
» On the wedding day, help the bride with her gown and keep her calm.
» Safe keeps groom's wedding ring until the wedding day.
» Take care of bride's gown's train and hold her bouquet while rings are exchanged and when she has to walk down the aisle afterward.
» Be a gracious hostess at the reception, dance with the best man, and mingle amongst guests.
» Raise a toast and help the bride get ready for her honeymoon.
» Help the bride and maid of honor with any and all pre-wedding preparations.
» Once the bridesmaid dresses are finalized and the accessories are purchased, pay the bride for them.
» You can co-host the bridal shower and bachelorette party.
» Inquire if there are last-minute tasks that need to be taken care of, before or on the wedding day.
» Assist the maid of honor when she's helping the bride get ready and ensure the wedding venue is decorated the way the bride wished.
» At the reception, dance with the groomsmen and mingle with the guests.
» Help the bride and maid of honor with whatever wedding preparations they want, before, during, and even after.
Mother of the Bride
» For all wedding and reception preparations, help the bride and groom in whatever they want.
» Give your contact details to help out with floral decoration, caterer, DJ, photographer, and venue.
» Go with the bride and maid of honor to shop for her wedding gown.
» Help the bride prepare the guest list for the wedding and reception.
» Confirm with the groom's family about the number of guests from their side.
» Help organize the rehearsal dinner and attend the bridal shower.
» Sit in the pew during the wedding and immediately leave after the bride and groom walk out.
» At reception, dance with the father of the bride and then the groom.
» Mingle with the guests and take special care of the groom's family.
Father of the Bride
» Help bride and groom search for wedding and reception venues.
» At the rehearsal dinner, propose a toast and welcome the groom in the family.
» Help make the guest list and pick up out-of-town guests from airport.
» Ride in the limo or carriage to the church (wedding venue) and walk her down the aisle.
» At reception, raise a toast and bless the happy couple.
» Dance with the bride and then with mother of the bride.
» Mingle with the guests, keep a check on the food and drinks served, and keep everything under control.
» Finally, after the bride and groom are off and the guests disperse, settle the final payments.
Best Man
» Help the groom buy his tux and rent/organize your and groomsmen's tuxes as well.
» Host a bachelor party and arrange for the expenses for the party (groomsmen and other guests who attend).
» Help the groom purchase a wedding present for his bride.
» Don't miss the rehearsal dinner; you need to know how to walk down the aisle.
» Prepare your toast for the reception and help the groom with whatever he may need.
» Hold on to the ring till the wedding ceremony; keep it safe and give it while exchanging the rings.
» At the reception, propose your toast (which is hopefully short, sweet, and not embarrassing for anyone).
» Dance with the maid of honor and mingle with the guests.
» Ready the car in which the bride and groom will leave from the reception.
» Help the groom get ready for honeymoon and don't get drunk at the reception.
» Help the groom and best man with anything and everything they require.
» All the pre-wedding events should be attended.
» Co-host and pay for the bachelor party.
» Usher guests to their seats before the wedding starts and lead them towards the reception venue as well.
» All the groomsmen should pitch in and purchase a gift for the happy couple.
» Dance with the bridesmaids at the reception.
» Help the best man ready the bride and groom's getaway car.
Mother of the Groom
» After bride and groom announce their engagement, invite the bride's parents over for dinner.
» Help the groom as well as the bride with any and all wedding preparations.
» Make the guest list for the wedding and reception, and send it to the bride's family.
» Purchase your dress and help the father of the groom ready his attire as well.
» Announce the groom's side of the family for the wedding.
» Organize and host the rehearsal dinner. Have the father of the groom help you.
» At the reception, dance with the groom and the father of the groom.
Apart from the detailed list mentioned in this article, there could be certain tasks we might have missed out on (not intentionally). To get details about what the to-be-married couple has to do, read the article on wedding checklist and timeline for more information. If any details, tasks, or duties were left out in the above list, do leave us a comment below and make this list as helpful to everyone as possible. Take care, all the best, and we hope that your dream wedding is as beautiful as you imagined it would be.