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Wedding Party, the Order of Activities

Humayun Kabir Nov 22, 2019
To celebrate a wedding party, you should have a nice order of the party activities. Before the development of the event, we must evaluate if there is a deadline proposed by the Festival Hall to end the events. Each couple has different ideas to celebrate their party. The order of Wedding activities also depends on the culture and religion of the couple.

1. The arrival of the Guests

After the marriage ceremony, the guests will go to the reception room for the wedding party. Normally they will find a person in charge of receiving the passes, who will look for the names on the list and indicate the corresponding table number.

2. The Entrance of the Bride and Groom

Your admission to the reception room will be accompanied by a waltz or meaningful song for you. Upon entering they will observe their guests with their long party dresses standing very close to the wedding ornaments that are part of the decoration which they chose so dearly.

3. Video Projection

During the wait for the bride and groom, you can opt for the presentation of a video, where facets of their courtship are shown, the words they want to share are heard and extracts of their civil marriage are passed, in case it has been celebrated in advance of the religious ceremony.

4. Dance with Family Members

In this step, parents are invited to dance with their new partners. Then it will be the turn of the couple’s, brothers, uncles, cousins, and others.

5. First Dance as a Couple

The night has just begun and together they will open the dance floor with the waltz, they like best; while his family and friends will applaud the music, observing every detail and admiring the tiara that highlights your beauty and your collected hairstyle.

6. Romantic Dance or Surprise Dance

It is an optional step in which the couple meets again on the dance floor to move to the rhythm of one of their favorite romantic songs. Sometimes the couple prepares an innovative dance to surprise their guests.

7. Time for Photographs

In the company of the photographer, they will go from table to table greeting their guests and taking the photos of the memory. They can also enable a space for photographs. Everything will go as planned if you follow the order of activities for receiving the marriage.

8. Words of Thanks and Toast

You will share your happiness through your words, followed later by your parents and parents-in-law. In the end, they will lift their glasses and toast for their love.

9. Wedding Banquet

You and your guests will enjoy the food prepared for your marriage, taste the cocktails and snacks from the buffet.

10. Start of the Party

It is time to leave your nerves behind and dance to the last consequences with the fashionable songs, which were previously selected with the Dj, those responsible for the orchestra or your favorite playlist.

11. Time to Cut the Cake

It is another optional step because at some weddings they prefer to place a model of mock-up wedding cake just for the photo.

12. Launch the League or Find the Hoop

Both are optional. If you decide to do them, it is recommended that it be only one of the two activities.

13. Crazy Hour or Cotillion Show

A full hour of full fun in the traditional style or with the wedding theme will be waiting for you. It is difficult for someone to sit in the middle of so many movements, music, playing an instrument of music and colors.

14. Distribution of Memories

Some choose souvenirs to keep and others to consume, as in the case of chocolate or cupcakes.

15. End of the Party

After the farewell of the guests, the couple will go to their hotel to rest or to the airport to travel to their honeymoon, according to each case.