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Wedding Pew Decoration Ideas

Priya Johnson Sep 30, 2018
There are various wedding pew decoration ideas from which one can choose the most suitable idea for one's wedding. These decorations light up the entire church and add grandeur to the joyous occasion.
A wedding is the union of two souls and a joyous occasion to celebrate. We often live under the misconception that to have a memorable wedding we need tons of cash. Yes, money is required to get things done, nevertheless, a lot can be done even with a moderate wedding budget. It all depends on your creativity and style.
Getting elaborate decorations after shelling out large sums of money is no big deal. The key is to have a beautiful, unique, memorable wedding with a moderate budget. And how do we do this? By paying attention to details and being creative!
The church decorations, flower arrangements, church wedding pew decorations, wedding centerpieces, etc. need to be done carefully and lovingly. Here are some wedding pew decoration ideas that will help you add an extra touch of beauty to the entire wedding.


Bows have been traditional favorites for pew decorations. There are all kinds of fancy ribbons available in the stores today. They come in all kinds of sizes, patterns and colors.
Choose the type of ribbon you want according to the theme of the wedding, etc. You can add pretty ornaments and even some flowers to go well with the bow. Keep a lookout for discounts and purchase tulle and decorative ornaments at cheaper rates.

Fabric Drapes

If you want elaborate wedding pew decorations, then you can have fabric draped onto the pews. This will completely change the look of the church, so please ensure you know what you want.
If the church is pretty in itself, fabric drapes will just overshadow the natural beauty of the church. So before getting the pews draped, think about the look you want on your wedding day. You don't want the church to have an overdone look. Moreover, don't forget that getting fabric draped in the church will prove quite expensive.

Mini Wreaths

Placing mini or baby wreaths on pews add a tinge of romantic and dreamy feeling in the church. These wreaths can be made from flowers, wired jewels or raffia.
These wreaths can be made from flowers, wired jewels or raffia. If you have a group of friends willing to make these wreaths for you, nothing will be like it! Or else, you can simply purchase the wreaths. These wreaths give an elegant look and are easy to place and remove.

Mini Bouquets

One can either prepare a bouquet of the same type of flower or else get a bouquet prepared from flowers of the same color, depending on the wedding theme.
The different flowers you can use are carnations, roses, blue hydrangea, etc. Bow hangers can be used to hang these mini bouquets onto the church pews. One can also use satin ribbons to tie these mini bouquets to the pews of the church. However, make sure these bouquets do not obstruct the path of the pew. You don't want them coming in the way.
Wedding cones also make great wedding pew decorations. Depending on the type of decoration you choose, you need to look for appropriate clips that are sturdy enough to bear the weight of the pew decoration. Moreover, one can also use pew cones to hang flowers on the sides of the pew.

How to Make Wedding Pew Decorations

Although there are several wedding pew arrangements that one can carry out, here is one simple decoration idea that one can try out and use at the wedding.

Material Required

  • 12 inches Styrofoam cone
  • Large pew holder
  • Hot melt glue
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Fabric
  • Pearl head straight pins
  • Hyacinth stakes
The color, texture and pattern of the fabric and ribbon will depend on the theme of the wedding and personal choice.

Preparation Procedure

Step 1 :Take the Styrofoam cone and wrap it in the fabric. Cut off excess material and secure the edges of the fabric together using the pearl head straight pins. To ensure it remains secure all throughout the wedding, before inserting the pins, dip them in glue and then insert them. This will hold them in place for hours together.
Step 2 Use a decorative ribbon to form a nice pattern on the cone and secure it with the pearl head straight pin. The design made with the ribbon can be anything of your choice.
Step 3 : Take the large pew holder and let its foam soak enough water. Also treat it with flower food. Once this is done insert the hyacinth stakes onto the foam base and add some green foliage to enhance the look.
Step 4 Wooden stakes are present to hold the pew holder to the Styrofoam cone. After inserting the stakes into the cone, secure the connection with hot melt glue. The wedding pew cone decoration is ready to be used.
Before getting all pumped up about the wedding pew decoration ideas, it is important to check what is permissible with your church, especially if your church has been recently renovated. Only after the guidelines are clear should you finalize anything. Remember, it's always best to go simple on the pew decorations as it will give an elegant look. Have fun!