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Wedding Pew Decorations

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Oct 8, 2018
If you are planning to go for a church or chapel wedding, you sure must have given some thought to wedding pew decorations. If not, then here are some ideas to help you out.
Church weddings often impose restrictions on the wedding decorations. On the other hand, outdoor weddings provide ample scope for decorations and allow you to experiment with colors, flowers, and fabrics. Church wedding decorations are somewhat subdued and mostly done in a traditional manner.
Pew decorations are an integral part of church decorations. Since, the scope for decoration in a church is limited, people pay extra attention towards decorating pews.

How to Decorate Pews for a Church Wedding

Traditional Decorations

Most people go for a traditional decoration. It includes tying a simple white bow at the end of the pew. Although, this looks very simple, often complements the sublime church interiors, or other wedding decorations. This is apt for formal weddings.

Flower Decorations

Flowers are the most preferred choice for pew decorations. Those who do not wish to go for traditional decorations often settle for flower decorations. Flower decorations allow you to play with colors, type, and a variety of flowers. A simple corsage of flowers of single variety, tied at the back of the pew looks stunningly pretty.
Alternatively, you may also use flowers of various types in a single color and make them into a bouquet to tie at the back of the pew. If you want a more flowery or garden-like look, try tying numerous smaller corsages at the back of the pew. You simply have innumerable options in flowers when it comes to pew decorations.
If you cannot come up with any ideas, going for florist-made pew decorations may help you. These are very attractive flower arrangements, ideal for church or chapel weddings. However, be prepared to spend for the hefty florist charges.

Satin Decorations

A simple white satin bow is often used for traditional decorations. However, if you want something more visually appealing go for satin bows in various brilliant colors. Tying bunches of small flowers with satin ribbons at the back of the pew looks very pleasant and refreshing.
You can also make corsages or bouquets out of satin flowers and tie them at the end of the pew. This renders a similar look and feel like the floral decorations and that too without spending much. Silk flowers look as beautiful and enthralling as real flowers. Moreover, they have a great reusability value.

Tulle Decorations

Tulle is a very popular fabric for wedding decorations. Its swag can be used to connect the bows at the aisle end of the pew. This gives an impression of a lined passage for the bride and groom to pass. Simply covering the pews with tulle fabric also looks nice.

Balloon Decorations

Decorating pews with balloons gives a very youthful and enthusiastic feel to the wedding decorations. Simply tie helium balloons at the aisle end of the pew to create a uniform, lined look. Alternatively, you can also make archway with balloons to create a dramatic effect.

Potted Plants

Simply placing a beautiful potted plant on the floor, at the aisle end of the pew gives a natural look to the wedding decorations. However, choose the length of the plant with proper care. Small-potted plants may not be visible at all, hence may fail to create an impact, while large-potted plants may obscure the vision of your guests.
This decoration can be done in myriad ways depending upon the theme of your wedding. However, opt for subdued and less extravagant decorations for pews considering the solemnity of church.