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Wedding Photography Poses

Wedding Photography Poses
The wedding photos should have some predefined poses and a lot of candid moments have to to be captured by the photographer to be kept as a souvenir for the future.
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Last Updated: Oct 31, 2018
Guests Throwing Confetti Over Bride And Groom At Wedding
One should click some standard or conventional-kind of snaps and innovative ideas should also be included. The wedding photography ideas provided here will help in capturing the best moments.
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Professional photographers understand how to click photos with perfect light arrangements. One should approach a photographer beforehand and explain to him what one wishes to be captured during the wedding.
Bride and groom procession after wedding
Standard photographs with poses should include all the family members. The checklist provided here will help you in keeping a track of all important photos. The main job is however, to capture the expressions of people.
Best Poses
The best photography poses in wedding are those which capture candid moments. With so many people and so many things going on at a wedding, it is actually a photographer's feast for capturing varied moments and expressions.
The couple should be the focus. The interaction of the couple with guests could also yield interesting expressions and moments to be captured. Capturing the moods in various moments is the job of a professional photographer.
The checklist for photography poses should include the given points grouped in sections like the wedding party, bride's family, groom's family and most importantly couple's photos.
For Wedding Party
bride and bridemaid
✜ Bride with maid of honor
The groom and groomsman
✜ Groom with best man
Bride with bridesmaids
✜ Bride with all bridesmaids
Happy Groom Standing with his Groomsmen in the Church
✜ Groom with all groomsmen
Attractive Summertime Wedding Party
✜ Bride and groom with best man and maid of honor
Wedding bride and groom with bridesmaid
✜ Flower girl
boy posing with wedding ring
✜ Ring bearer
Couple's Photos
Bride and Groom
The couple's pictures are most important.
✜ Bride and Groom
Bride walking down the aisle
✜ Bride walking down the aisle to meet the groom
young beautiful bride
✜ Bride with bouquet
The groom in a stylish blue suit
✜ Groom with bouquet
Smiling bride and groom drinking champagne at a wedding
✜ Bride and Groom closeup
Kissing Groom And Bride
✜ Bride and Groom kissing
Beauty bride and handsome groom are cutting a wedding cake
✜  Bride and Groom cutting cake
Couple Dancing With Guests Clapping
✜ Bride and Groom dancing
Bride and Groom in Doorway
✜ Bride and Groom leaving
Bride's Family
Bride and her family
The bride's family too needs to be focused as they are the family of the bride.
✜ Bride with her parents
Bride with groom and his friends
✜ Bride with siblings
Family Group At Wedding
✜ Bride with the entire family

✜ Bride with grandparents
Groom's Family
Groom with Parents
The groom's family too needs to be included to complete the picture.
✜ Groom with Parents
Groom with Siblings
✜ Groom with Siblings

✜ Groom with grandparents

✜ Groom with the entire family
Photography Poses and Tips
The following wedding photography tips will help in capturing perfect pictures without much difficulty.
  • The first thing to do is creating a checklist for poses. Meeting the family and knowing their expectations would be a great idea. It will help in sorting out most of the problems beforehand.
Girls at a garden party with dessert table
  • Clicking photos with children is the first thing to do. As we know that children have a short attention span, clicking their snaps in the beginning would let them be free to roam around later.
  • The photographer should never force his subjects to smile; it only makes the photos to appear unnatural.
  • One can never guess what is the perfect photograph idea from the point of view of the bride. It would be a smart thing to take the suggestion of the bride in deciding the perfect poses.
  • The photographer should constantly be on a lookout for perfect moments himself i.e. spontaneously. One cannot 'plan' everything about poses, apart from a few standard family photographs. To catch the most beautiful moments, one needs to have special skills to catch those tender moments.