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Wedding Reception Activities

Kalpana Kumari Nov 20, 2018
A wedding reception is complete in itself, but with the addition of some group activities, you can add extra color and charm to the occasion. There are a number of wedding reception activities that you can include to entertain your guests and make the memories last forever.
"What greater thing is there for two human souls, than to feel that they are joined for life... to strengthen each other... to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.... "
― George Eliot
Wedding is, no doubt, the most special occasion for you and your would-be spouse, and you would cherish all the memories associated with it throughout your life. A wedding reception is the time when all your relatives and friends come to congratulate you and wish you good luck.
So, why not make this special occasion a bit more enjoyable by adding some fun activities to it?Following are some of the activities that would help you loosen up your invitees, promote conversation, and have good entertainment.


✭ Playing in a group is always fun, which is why it could be an excellent idea to include some sort of games in your reception. The choice of these games can depend upon the venue you have selected. Suppose, if it is a beach, you could go for sports like volleyball, basketball, etc.
In case there is a swimming pool nearby, you can arrange for some water sports such as boating and sailing. There are thousands of sports and so are the ideas associated with them. Think over it, and include games that would match with the taste of your guests.
✭ Activities at a wedding reception could also be games like paper dance, musical chair, needle-thread race, a lady applying make-up on her spouse's face, etc. Such activities are simply fun to do, and it is even more amusing to watch others do them.
✭ Any party is incomplete without dances, music, and food, so try to include the best of them at your reception party. Your guests would definitely enjoy popular wedding songs.
It is impossible to go for the interests of all the guests as the taste and choice of music, dance, and food differ from individual to individual. It would be good to at least try including something which you feel would be liked by all. There is a wide range of wedding music, so search well and go for the most popular songs.
✭ At any wedding, all the focus is on the newlyweds, and everyone wants to know something about the couple. Why not give them a chance to learn about you both? Show them slides or videos of the both of you since childhood. The videos can also be of some vacation or any other good time that you may have spent together.
✭ How about having a magician who mingles with the guests and plays parlor tricks? Watching a magician is always entertaining, then why not call him on this special occasion?
✭Wedding is not only the union of two individuals; two families are made one by it. Encourage both the families to interact, mix and know about each other. You can give them such an opportunity by planning a wedding weekend on a resort. Let both of your families roam, dine, play, and enjoy together.
✭ There are certain activities that show respect and gratitude towards all the guests. You don't need to do anything extra, only make sure that the arrangement is entertaining, comfortable, and accessible to your guests. However small such things may appear, they are the factors that determine the success of any party.

Tips to Make Your Wedding Reception a Success

The reception cannot begin till most of the guests have arrived. Many invitees come and have to wait for the reception to begin. Make sure that they are comfortable; and ensure that they get snacks and beverages.
You and your partner must try your best to greet and mingle with the guests. This can be done after they have finished their meal when they all wait for the cake cutting, as this is the best time to entertain them with casual chat.
You can even arrange small wedding gifts for all your guests which can be anything like photo frames, table calendars, chocolates, and/or anything that you like.
If you feel that you will be too involved to manage everything all by yourself, get a wedding coordinator who would run the show as you have planned it. You can be certain that everything is done the way it should be when you rope in a wedding coordinator.
Plan your wedding reception well by considering the location, season, and the taste of your guests. Include some interesting activities, and have fun with your life partner and invitees.