Wedding Reception at Home

You've always known and imagined your perfect wedding, but now that the time has arrived, there's so much to do, that you feel all flurried. Relax... A wedding reception right at home is the solution to what you're looking for... Take a look to see how.
Wedding ceremonies can seem quiet and somber, (for me they sometimes border on boring too), but if there's a moment when you can spice things up, it has to be the wedding reception. Although, the venue of the reception can often put you in a quandary, it need not be so. Wedding reception venue ideas really aren't such an issue. In fact, hosting a reception party at home could well be your solution. Why you choose your home as the venue could have reasons as varied as sentimental reasons, all the way to wanting to keep it casual or an intimate affair. How about taking a look at ideas regarding how to have such reception at home, amongst other things...
Wedding Reception Ideas
Hosting a reception party at home may seem a little tedious every now and again, but it really isn't as bad as one would imagine. Once you have a basic plan that's all sorted and systematic, it'll be an occasion to remember for most. Just keep in mind a few things that are essential, and the rest will follow like it should. Here's how to plan the reception.
The fact that you are probably setting up your own home, or maybe your grandparents home, for a wedding reception, gives you the liberty to work around it as you please. Elegant or bold, work with whatever floats your boat. It would be wise not to indulge in an excess of anything, so as to avoid the overdone look. A warm and welcoming look would be nice. Since your home is your personal space, there should be a lot of your personal touches to it too. The best way to go is by keeping it classy. Elegant white linens, accents of colored flowers and other accessories, drapes, candles, the choices are endless. Hold on though, the choices to pick from may be endless, but that does not mean that they must all be indulged in. You want classy, not clownish. Over doing it with an excess use of color will only kill the feel of the place. If it's a late evening reception, when it is dark, the use of lanterns and mellow lighting would be perfect.
Décor. Check. Seating... To be done! Okay, you figured out what the venue should look like on the big day, but what about placing the guests well? Make sure you have a well planned seating chart and arrangement. This would work in accordance with whether you are doing a buffet style meal, or a planned served meal. Working with a buffet doesn't need anything specific, a planned meal on the other hand does. Also, make sure you don't have guests mixed up and fix the seating in a haphazard manner. Following the plan/chart, comes the seating decoration. Once again, keep it simple, elegant and in sync with the theme you're following for the occasion.
Okay, the décor is done, as is the seating, but there's that one all important aspect. The food! Here you have two options... Either you go personal all the way and work with a scrumptious home cooked meal, or you spare yourself of that detail and work with professionals, and get caterers to handle it instead. If you think that you've anyway saved a chunk of money already, opting for the latter wouldn't really be such a bad idea, especially since you already have enough on your plate. (Pun unintended). Coming back to food ideas... Ensure that it suits everybody's taste, and not just that of the host. There should be an array that suits both, meat eaters as well as vegetarians. Drinks, salads, entrées, whatever the food in question, there should be something for everyone. The basis on which the menu is decided should also be that of whether it is a sit down meal or a buffet. Decide upon that, and the rest is half done too.
The above said covers the basics involved when planning a wedding reception while using your home as the venue. Hopefully it'll give you a rough idea regarding how to work around it. If you do like the thought of playing around with other ideas, do that too, and you will definitely have a wonderful wedding reception to follow.
Buffet style meal