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Fabulous Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpieces at wedding help determine the mood of the reception. Here are some ideas with pictures for a decorative centerpiece.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Nov 26, 2018
The most exciting part of getting married is perhaps planning the wedding. There are hundreds of thoughts for wedding decorations and thousands of ideas that can make your wedding special. 
A centerpiece at your wedding can be the next center of attention after you and your spouse. A centerpiece can vary from being chic and elegant to fun and casual.
The easiest and cheapest way to prepare an attractive centerpiece is by making it yourself. You will be able to portray the replica of your wedding mood, through the centerpiece. You can use flowers, fruits, candles, mirrors, glasses, flowing materials of cloth, etc. that will add pizazz to your centerpiece.

Floral Centerpiece Ideas

You can create different looks by using flowers to create a floral wedding centerpiece. You can take a clear, big bowl filled with water and float flowers and scented candles over it to make a pretty centerpiece. You can also immerse a large silk floral bloom in the bowl.
Float rose shaped, pastel colored candles on the surface. Place the arrangement in the center of a rectangular table. Arrange small flower vases in alternating position on the table.
Try using a homemade nylon basket and place big flowers like gladiolus in it. Dried flowers too can be used to add a rustic feel to the centerpiece. Place it in a brown basket placed over a golden stand. White tulips tend to be in sync with the bridal gown.
Choose white tulips with long, fresh, green stems placed in a clear, glass vase. You can try placing roses and blackberry together arranged in feather moss' square vase.
Flower pots with blooming roses and filler flowers is an elegant way to decorate a centerpiece. You can also choose roses and cut each stem 4 inch from the flower head. Remove the stem leaves and keep them aside.
Cut a florists foam equal to the level of the vase and glue it to the inside of the vase. Take a lavender 38' satin ribbon and tie it around the vase in a tight bow. Pour some glue over the foam and push green moss over it. Now glue six rose leaves to the center of the moss. Push three roses over the moss into the foam till they reach the bottom of the vase.
Now place this vase on the center of the table. Place votive candles around the vase. Sprinkle faux rose petals around the votive candles and light them. The large floral wedding centerpieces should not be placed on guests tables as they suit better on larger tables like the cake table. If placed on the guests' tables they may hamper the view of the guests.

Fruit Centerpieces

This arrangement requires less flowers as all you need to do is arrange fruits in clear vases. Take a rectangular, long, clear vase and fill it with lemons, apples or oranges; whichever fruit pleases you. Stick flowers like roses, carnations, orchids or tulips.
You can even cut the citrus fruits and fill the vase. Before filling the vase with neatly cut fruits, place a smaller vase in the bigger vase and add flowers. Fill it up with cut fruits to give a stunning effect.
Red cherries too make a stunning centerpiece for wedding. Place these cherries in clear glasses or wine glasses and place them on a table. Place napkins of a contrasting color around the glass for added effect. Apples, bananas, grapes as well as berries can be used together and made into a fruit basket centerpiece.
These fruit basket centerpieces visual beauty can be enjoyed and even eaten by the guests! You can mix and match the color combination of the fruits and flowers to make your own unique fruit wedding centerpiece.
Place a big candle on a wooden plate and surround it with fruits and a few flowers. This platter of fruits and flowers looks lovely, and guests will love the pleasant aroma in the air, if you use scented or perfumed candles. Some of the fruit centerpiece ideas are depicted here.

Vase Filler Centerpieces

You can create interesting looks with different vase fillers that help support the flowers and fill up the space in the vase. Take a medium-sized goldfish bowl. Fill ¾ of the bowl with white sand. Place a votive candle in the center. Aesthetically spread seashells around the candle to create a mesmerizing look. For adding effect, light the candle.
For adding effect to the centerpiece, light the candle. Or you can fill a clear vase with silver confetti and place artificial or real roses. You can fill a vase with cherries and place a white candle in the center to create an effective look.
Fill glass vases or bowls with twigs, straw or a small tree branch to get a natural look. Place bright flowers on the top to create a stunning effect on white table-cloth. You can even try using sprout potatoes, carrots, onions in the vase and make sure their roots are seen near the bottom of the vase.
Place a bunch of flowers and green stems over them that appear like a topiary. Use your imagination to create different fillers for your wedding centerpiece.
Many people choose bonsai plants as their centerpiece idea for wedding. Or try herbs placed in decorative glasses. Place a single flower stem that matches your wedding theme color.
You can even fill a bowl or rectangular glass bowl with colorful pebbles and place pink and white periwinkle flowers over them. This will create a soft, sweet look.

Candle Centerpiece Ideas

One can try many contemporary ideas with candles as the object of a centerpiece idea. You can use two broad candles of different sizes placed together. Surround these candles with green leaves to create a simple look. Or try using tall candles placed on fancy candle-stands.
Those getting married during Christmas time can use a pine cone, red candle, and maple leaves to create an elaborate wedding centerpiece. Or take single glasses and place a small candle within it. This simple centerpiece idea can create a dazzling look, especially during wedding dinners.
You can even place flowers at the bottom of a shallow glass bowl and place a glass lid over it. Then, place a candle over the lid to give a unique look. Try different combinations of candle holders to make your centerpiece standout.
You can place a golden plate over a stand and fill shiny red pebbles or beads. Place another stand and another golden plate of a slightly larger size filled with maroon shiny beads or pebbles. In the center of the second plate place a red candle to make an interesting wedding centerpiece.
Use perfumed candles to fill the air with your favorite fragrance. However, make sure you use a light fragrance and do not make the air heavy with a sweet-flavored perfume. Keep in mind, not all guests may feel comfortable with the constant perfume in the air and may end up having a headache.
You can create any look for your wedding centerpiece you can imagine. It's the most delightful part of the decorations. Brainstorm with your spouse and come up with great wedding centerpiece ideas which can make both of you content.
It's a joyous moment when you exchange wedding vows with the love of your life and make it even more blissful with a wedding centerpiece that captures the imagination of one and all.