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Wedding Reception Centerpieces on a Budget

Kritika Parwani Oct 6, 2018
There are many options for affordable wedding reception centerpieces that can get easily accommodated in your wedding budget.
You're planning your dream wedding, and it involves some elements that are taking up more space in your budget than you imagined.
Now you're wondering what to cut down on. How about the centerpieces? Think it's impossible? Wait till you see the budget-friendly, practical and stunning ideas here.

Buds & Blossoms

Flowers are definitely the first option that anyone (bride or not) will consider as a centerpiece for a wedding reception. But with the ridiculous amounts that flowers can cost these days, it can take a toll on the wedding budget. Fret not dear bride.
There are some amazing things you can do using inexpensive flowers and methods that will still ensure that you have a stellar centerpiece for your tables. Here are our versions of gorgeous flower centerpieces that won't be too heavy on your wallet.
*The flowers in the images are for representational purposes only. You can use any flower that sits easy on your pocket.

Flicker & Glow

Candles are another very popular item used for wedding centerpieces. They look elegant, and are available in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, and fragrances that you'll be spoiled for choice.
Plus, they're not very expensive either. You can buy them in bulk and even if they're not all used at the wedding, you can use them later on at home or as gifts to someone. Here are some simple things you can do with candles.

The Best of Both

The first two are such popular options that a combination of the two is something you simply can't go wrong with. They complement each other so perfectly that your tables will require little more to be decorated with. Here are some really beautiful things you can do with them.

For the Sweet Tooth

For the sweet-toothed couple, here's an idea for a centerpiece that will serve a dual purpose. Have a dessert item or fruit as the centerpiece of each table. This way your tables will look as delicious as the desserts you have to offer.
Plus, when each guest is done with his meal, he just needs to pick one up from the centerpiece and pop it into his or her mouth. And, there's one less item to clean off the table! Here are some great ideas you can take inspiration from.
*Modify the fruit according to your choice and/or what's in season at the time of your wedding to get the best out of your edible centerpiece.


Here's another quirky, innovative, inexpensive and awesome way to adorn your wedding tables. Use an assortment of fragrant herbs in different forms. Everyone will enjoy a dash of green on the table, plus the fragrance that fresh herbs have will keep the air clean and pure. Check out how you can use herbs as your wedding reception centerpieces.

Whimsical Wonders

Well, that was all the usual. If you want your centerpieces to stand out, you need some unconventional ideas. Think unusual, think out-of-the-box, think extraordinary. Here are some offbeat ideas you can use to make your centerpieces while keeping that wedding budget comfortably low.
Remember to buy your material in bulk to get good rates. Also, check online for some really great deals and discounts on a lot of decorating material that can almost halve your cost of making these centerpieces. Have a gorgeous wedding!