Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

A wedding reception without any entertainment can be a pretty a drab event for everyone. Wedding reception entertainment ideas are absolutely necessary to make the reception lively and fun for every single guest present. The article below will provide you with ideas that will help you make your reception a truly entertaining event! Read on...
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All of us want our parties to be the best and talked about till days on end. A wedding reception is also a kind of party we throw for our friends and family on the occasion of two people taking their vows. Imagine a party where you just go, wish the couple, have some food, talk to a few people and come back home. Not so entertaining, is it?! In this case, the function becomes categorized as one of those normal wedding receptions. You need to think of some out of the box wedding reception activities and do something different to make sure that your guests have a great time at your reception. As the host, this is not only your duty but also a great gesture from your side. The wedding reception entertainment ideas mentioned below will help you in making your wedding reception a sure hit! It's very important that you invest enough thought at planning this one particular function. It'll come only once in your lifetime, so make the most out of it, now!
Interesting Entertainment Ideas for Your Wedding Reception
This has been one of the oldest wedding reception entertainment ideas and one of the best too. You can make a few small movies comprising a slideshow of the couple that is getting married, and if you're the one getting married, you can surely do this for yourself. Play these movies at the reception and let people know how the two of them came together, and how marriage came on the cards, and how you both are here today.
At a wedding reception, there is a lot of social gathering before it is time to hit on the food. During this time, you can request few people amongst family and friends to give small speeches for the couple. It's always interesting and entertaining to know someone's views about the couple getting married. After the selected few are done, you can offer anyone from the guests to come and do the same. Everyone wants to say something and be heard, so you'll surely have a good time with this activity.
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Another wedding reception entertainment idea is to keep a professional photographer and stylist (yes, stylist is important) to capture a few moments at the reception. Apart from this job, they can entertain people by clicking them if they want to. Everyone can click one photograph with the couple and one just for themselves. The stylist can help those who want to look different or a little better during the shots. They can leave their addresses with the photographer, and you will have to arrange to send these clicks back to them after the reception.
You can set up a small stage at the reception venue and hire a band to play at your reception. The more famous the band is, the more entertaining it's going to be. You can also arrange for dancing space where people can put their best foot forward. If someone from the guests wants to go up on the stage and sing something for the couple, they can do that too. This option is a sure hit at all wedding receptions.
You can arrange for a few wedding reception games at your reception and entertain everyone right from the young to the married to the old. Age is really no bar when it comes to playing games and thus, this option will surely entertain everyone present. Along with fun games, you can keep some games for married couples as the function is basically a wedding reception. These games will make sure that everyone has a fun time!
Amongst all the entertainment ideas for weddings, these were surely some of the very best. Without these wedding reception entertainment ideas, the reception would not only be boring for the guests but for the couple too. It's very important that you entertain every single guests who graces your occasion with his/her presence. Hope the reception exceeds everybody's expectations and everyone goes home with a big smile on their face.