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Wedding Reception Etiquette

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Nov 3, 2018
It requires a great deal of time, patience, and planning to host the perfect wedding. If you are confused regarding the etiquette that needs to be followed at one, refer to this post which clears all your doubts.
Hosting a wedding reception needs meticulous planning, right from selecting a wedding gown, the menu, the decorations, inviting guests, deciding the seating arrangements, to many other minor and major decisions.
Not getting carried away in all the merriment and celebrations, and maintaining an etiquette is necessary. This will ensure that the reception is enjoyed by one and all, without any mishaps or confusions.
Let's begin with the invitations. If you do not want children attending the reception, then you can either pass a word in friends and family or when addressing the invitations, do not mention the children's names.
You can print a line at the bottom of the card, mentioning 'Adults Reception' or you may mention the number of people you wish to be present at your reception. Do not mention, 'No Children' on the cards.
One should never mention cash gifts, or any other gifts on the invitations. It is just plain rude to mention what gifts you would like to receive. When you receive gifts, do not forget to send a thank you note.
Brides may choose ivory, champagne, or other pale shades as the color of their wedding gowns.
The groom may choose a tuxedo for a formal wedding. A business suit is fine for an informal wedding. The groom should put on shiny black shoes and a bow tie. He can also wear a top hat, cuff links, gloves, and studs as per the formality level of the reception.
The master of ceremonies should announce the wedding parties to enter the wedding hall are:
▪ Bride's parents
▪ Groom's parents
▪ Bridesmen and ushers, in couple
▪ Maid of honor and best management
▪ Flower girl and ring bearer
▪ Bride and groom

The bride and groom should greet the guests as they walk through the reception doors. This involves forming a reception line. The guests should be offered a drink, before being invited to their tables.
The seating arrangement should be:
▪ Groom's mother
▪ Bride's father
▪ Bride
▪ Bridegroom
▪ Bride's mother
▪ Groom's father
▪ Maid of honor
▪ Best man
At the tables, the groom's family should be seated on the left and the bride's family on the right and the friends at the back. The priest who conducted the wedding says grace before the meal.
At the end of the meal, the best man makes the speech. If more speeches are planned, then wait for breaks between dances. Greet your guests at least once as you dance, or listen to the sweet words from your loved once.
Click photographs with everyone who wishes to take snaps with you.
The dance is led by the bride and groom along with the best man and the maid of honor joining in half-way through the music.
The bride and groom should leave before the guests. The bride turns her back on a group of girls and throws a bouquet over her shoulder, and the single female who catches it, is supposed to become a bride very soon.
The host or hostess must ask the caterer to pack up the left-overs. It is absolutely appropriate to take home the left-overs as you are the one who has paid for it.
Wedding receptions are full of fun and excitement. A wedding is not only the union of two people, but also a reason for family reunions. By following a certain amount of etiquette, one can make sure that all the guests enjoy the reception. After hosting a successful reception, you can continue to dream blissfully about your honeymoon together!