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Wedding Reception Games

Aastha Dogra Feb 6, 2019
Here are some creative and fun game ideas and activities for wedding receptions, which are sure to liven up your party.
A wedding day is perhaps one of the most special one in a couple's life. It is the day when two people's lives are combined together for a journey of love and adventure. And what better way to start this new journey than a wedding reception full of fun and frolic.
A great way is to have some really interesting games and activities, in which not only the bride and the groom, but their friends and relatives also enjoy a lot, and also, get to know each other.

Who gets the Bouquet?

During weddings, the bride throws her bouquet at the bridesmaids, and one of them catches it. This regular activity can be made fun if a game is played with it.
In a transparent bowl, some rose buds are kept. After some time, an announcement is made that out of all the unmarried female guests, the one who guesses the number of buds in the bowl correctly, will get the bouquet from the bride. In the evening, the bride should personally go and present the bouquet to the winner.

Solve the Puzzle!

For this game, you need to do a bit of preparation beforehand. You and your partner can start by making a list of all the words that have some sort of relation to the wedding, such as the gown, bride, groom, church, centerpieces, decor, etc.
Once you have done that, jumble up the alphabets in each of these words, and make another list of these words. Take out several copies, and hand them over to each of the guests. The one who correctly guesses all the words is the winner. For the prize, if the winner is a man, he gets to dance with the bride, and if it's a woman, she dances with the groom.

Who is the Best Poet?

To keep all the guests interested, and to add a bit of creativity and romance to your reception, you can have an on-the-spot poetry contest. On the big day, hand over a paper and pen to each of the guests to write their poems.
Carefully select the theme for the contest. You can even ask your guests to start with something like,"Michael and Sandra are made for each other", or "Michael and Sandra are married today". Give the guests fifteen minutes to write their poems. After that, invite the ones who want to share their poems with the rest.
When the recitation has ended, collect all the poems, paste them on a chart, and let it hang on the reception venue for everybone to see.

Let's Play Musical Chairs!

Although, this is a very common game, it can still add to the fun quotient of your special day. To play it, remove one chair from each of the tables. Then, ask the band or the DJ to play some music. When the songs are being played, everyone moves in circles around the table. When the music stops, the guests have to sit on the chairs.
The person who is left without a chair, is out of the game. After this, another chair is removed, followed by everyone moving in circles, and trying to occupy one of the chairs. Following the same pattern, the guest who is left in the end, at each table, is the winner. He gets the table centerpiece as a prize.
The more you involve the guests in the games, the more they will be fun for them, as well as for you. Hence, whether you decide to have the aforementioned games on your special day, or some other ones, plan them in such a way that they lift the spirits of your guests at the party, and they will remember your wedding for many days.