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Swoon-worthy Table Decorations for Wedding Reception

Parul Solanki Sep 29, 2018
Decorating the wedding reception table, so that it fits the style and theme of the wedding is vital for a memorable reception setting. Take a look at some table decorations that will let you add an element of fun, drama and romance to your wedding reception.
While planning a wedding reception there are a host of things to be kept in mind. Even though the wedding ceremony remains the focal point of the event, the decoration of the reception venue lingers in the memories of not only the couple, but also the guests.
There are many creative ways to dress up your wedding reception tables. This should ideally be done keeping in mind the wedding theme, color and style. If you are looking for an elegant and chic look, there are many creative ideas for creating a beautiful tableau for the reception.
So, whether you are decorating a head table for seating the bride, groom and the bridal party or an intimate sweetheart one for just the wedding couple, here are some reception table decoration ideas that you will absolutely love.

Table Linen

Simple or fancy, choose table linens based on the wedding theme. Even if they might appear insignificant, the cloths and covers are quite an important aspect.
Opt for the bold, elegant, extravagant, intricate, vintage or frilly linens, instead of plain white ones. You could also include table cloths with lace edgings, fancy designs and elaborate patterns.
Similarly, beautifully folded and pressed napkins add an elegant touch to the entire setting. You could use napkin rings to match the theme of the event or simply wrap a single silk rose around a napkin or use decorative beads as the ring.


Centerpieces are central to every wedding party decor. Although, floral arrangements are popular as centerpieces, they can burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, adorn your guest tables, food tables and the gift tables with exceptional and unique centerpieces.
Candles are a popular alternative. You can use floating candles centerpieces or slender tapers or pillars to create a beautiful ambiance.


Light sources in the d├ęcor add a touch of elegance and sparkle to the reception. Use candles in small crystal vases or floating candles as centerpiece accents.
Placing outdoor party lights such as rope lights or flower-shaped string lights, along the sides of the table can make a great decorative addition.

Table Number Cards

Table number cards and place cards need not just be functional.
Unique designs and versatile card holders beautify the tables.Use a beautifully, beaded gold card holder for a traditional wedding or a flip flop or a starfish place card holder for a beach wedding.
For a fall wedding, choose a classic maple table number holder. Use place/table number card designs that uniquely reflect your personal sense of style and create a lasting impression on your guests.

Other Decorations

If it is a theme wedding, such as a fall wedding then you can use paper autumn leaves to decorate the table or seashells for a beach wedding theme. For a winter wedding, you can use snowflakes or bells, and leaves or fresh flowers for a spring wedding.
You can also use other cute he-and she or just married decorations for the bride and groom. A good luck or happily ever after message along with small bride and groom dolls looks adorable.
You can accent the guest tables with acrylic ice crystals or sprinkle rose paper petals. These can be used on their own or combined with the centerpieces. Use glitter or some of those fabulous metallic confetti shapes available in great colors, to enhance the table decorations.
With lots of great ideas in your kitty, it's quite possible that you may go overboard with the reception table decor. However, remember to place the elements that match your reception theme in the right place and right quantity.