Tell your wedding story through visuals and words.

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Getting inscriptions on your wedding bands makes it more special. The etched messages enable you to lose yourself in reminiscence every time you look at them. The following wedding band engraving ideas help you decide how and what to get written.
Dr. Sumaiya Khan
A wedding is always a special occasion for two people wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. The most important elements in the entire ceremony are the wedding rings. Hence, wedding ring engraving ideas are something that couples are always on the lookout for. They can opt for getting inscriptions that have details of the bride and groom, like their names and the wedding date. They can also have phrases in specific languages, like Amor vincit omnia, which is Latin for 'love conquers all'. If the couple met for the first time while a special song was playing, or if they danced together for the first time to a romantic number, then they can have the words of those songs inscribed on their wedding bands, like 'You're still the one' or 'I'm right here waiting for you ...'. Special fonts may also be used. In short, there is a plethora of options. Find some of the well-known and cute ones given below.
Romantic Engravings
♥ This is the beginning of forever.
♥ Now that I have you, my life is complete.
♥ You are my sunshine.
♥ You were always worth the wait.
♥ It's gonna be only you, until my forever ends.
♥ Nothing else matters.
♥ I found my love, and my love was you.
♥ We are for no one but each other.
♥ Let's grow old together!
♥ I want to grow old with you.
♥ You're the answer to my prayers.
♥ I'll always love you till forever.
♥ I chose you ...
♥ One sunset at a time ...
♥ Eternally yours ...
♥ I love you, baby!
♥ United as one
♥ Remember when ...
♥ From this moment on ...
♥ Every sunset from now on ...
♥ Today, I married my friend.
♥ My love, my life, my friend
♥ My Soulmate
♥ All my love, always and forever
♥ I shall love because of you.
♥ To my one and only
♥ Love endures all things.
♥ Your hand in mine, we walk the miles.
♥ The other half of me is you.
♥ Forever, Amen.
♥ You fill up my senses
♥ Together as one: faith, hope, and love.
♥ Loving you is the way I celebrate being alive.
♥ To love, honor, and cherish ... Always!
♥ Everything I've ever wanted ...
♥ When this you see, remember me.
♥ You're the music of my heart.
♥ ... more than the whole world!
♥ My heart is your heart always.
♥ In your eyes, I find peace.
♥ Still crazy about you after all these years.
Witty Inscriptions
♥ I would run away with you!
♥ Come with me to our secret garden.
♥ Don't even think about it!
♥ You're the next best thing after bread!
♥ Don't worry, be happy!
♥ You are my favorite season.
♥ Because I'm your rib ...
♥ A hundred reasons, and still counting!
♥ More oodles than noodles!
♥ You were, are and always will be mine, sucker!
♥ Wow ... we got married, man!
♥ Forever friends, lovers, and bowling partners.
♥ Wave bye to freedom, babe!
♥ You're better than ice cream
♥ You are so mine.
♥ I made a wish, and you came true!
♥ My muffin, my husband.
♥ Someone to watch over me
♥ A halo for my angel
♥ You are my home, and now, there's no leaving.
♥ Forever isn't long enough.
♥ I cross my heart ...
♥ I will kiss you forever, babe.
♥ Dear God, thank you for my guy!
♥ You had me at hello.
♥ Sidewalk to my heart
♥ Oh, the places we'll go!
♥ Mine, mine, all mine!!!
♥ Resistance is futile.
♥ I'm not done with you yet!
♥ You're my better half, I don't care what you say!
♥ Going once, going twice, sold!
♥ An old Soul in a hot and young body!
♥ If removed, an alarm will sound.
♥ Come, waste your time with me!
♥ If found, keep man, and return ring.
Engraving Ideas for the Couple
On Hers: Give me a thousand kisses.
On His: And then, a thousand more!

On His: Frankenstein.
On Hers: Bride of Frankenstein.

On His: A lovely view of heaven!
On Hers: But, I'd rather be with you ...

On His: You say it best ...
On Hers: ... when you say nothing at all.
These were some of the best wedding ring engraving ideas of all time. In the end, what you write on your wedding band, is something that you should be able to relate to, and cherish for the rest of your life.
Engraving Ideas for the Couple
Witty Inscriptions on rings
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