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Wedding Ring Inscriptions

Mamta Mule Jan 22, 2019
Wedding ring is one of the cherished symbols of love that couples give each other. Wedding ring inscriptions are the best way to beautify and personalize the ring. So, seal your love by engraving a beautiful inscription on your wedding ring.
Wedding rings are exchanged by the bride and the groom during marriage, as a custom. There is a lot of excitement and fun involved in choosing the design of this ring. Some love golden rings, while others love to have diamonds rings.
Few couples prefer a fancy and designer ring encrusted with gemstones, while others prefer to keep it simple. Wedding ring inscriptions are part of the ring designs. They play an important role in making the ring unique.
The inscriptions are almost as old as the tradition of exchanging rings. They make this symbol of love special. The plain inner surface of the ring offers a best canvas for an inscription. If you are completely excited and eager to have a ring with the best wedding ring inscription for your beloved partner, here are a few wedding ring inscription ideas.
These inscriptions can be in the form of wedding date, meaningful phrases, couple's names, own unique quotes, etc. Remember, whatever you choose will be a permanent part of your wedding ring. So, try to make it unique, special and romantic.

Religious Inscriptions

If you think your partner would like to have a religious wedding ring inscription, here are a few to choose from
  • Bless O Lord
  • Each For Each Other, Both For God
  • God's Blessing Forever
  • Whom God Has Joined Let No Man Put Asunder
  • In God and Thee My Joy Shall Be
  • Joined Under God
  • God Bless This Marriage
  • God Bless My Love
  • God Bless This Ring

Romantic Inscriptions

If your spouse is a complete romantic person, go for these lovely inscriptions to make your ring a perfect piece of jewelry.
  • Forever Yours
  • Entwined Forever
  • I am Yours
  • My Heart Is Yours
  • I Belong To You
  • With You Always
  • I am Yours Forever and Ever
  • Truly, Madly, Deeply Yours
  • Till Death Parts Us
  • Yours...Till My Last Breath
  • My Soulmate
  • Eternally Yours
  • Only Yours
  • Incomplete Without You...

Humorous Inscriptions

If you feel all those romantic inscriptions are too common and boring to have, why not have funny inscriptions? Here's the list.
  • Happy Now?
  • Nonrefundable
  • No Guts, No Glory
  • Put It Back On!
  • Don't Read This
  • Not For Pawning
  • No Space For Romantic Inscription
  • Don't Take It Off
Apart from these mentioned inscriptions, you can come up with your own unique quotes. Also, you can engrave half of the quote on your ring and half on your spouse's ring. You can have your name engraved on your spouse's ring and his/her name on yours.
Though engraving names seems bit boring and old-fashioned, it has a unique charm and will constantly reminder you both, of the love you share.
Choosing an inscription itself is not enough. It is important that you choose the right font and font size. Also remember that fine engraving may not look so attractive or legible, and may eventually worn away. So, couples must opt for inscriptions accordingly. A thicker and clearer font, and deeper engraving will surely give the best look to the ring.
Even while filling an engraving order sheet, don't forget to double-check the spacing and spellings. The ring inscriptions definitely capture the essence of love that weddings symbolize.