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Wedding Ring Tattoos

Wedding Ring Tattoos
If you are looking for small tattoo designs, you can consider going for wedding ring tattoos. Presented below are some ideas on inscribing wedding ring or wedding band tattoos creatively.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: May 7, 2018
Every tattoo has a certain meaning or a memory associated with it. This is the reason many people go for it. Having a tattoo on the back, arms, or abdomen is a commonplace now. Are you looking for a unique tattoo idea or design? Then you should definitely think about the wedding band or ring tattoo as it is gaining popularity these days, and is not so common yet.
Ring Tattoos
One may not be aware, but, exchanging wedding rings is quite an old practice going back to the ancient Egyptian era, some 3000 years ago. Later, it was followed by the Romans who exchanged rings made of different metals during weddings. Today, however, exchanging and wearing a wedding ring is one of the most important aspect of a wedding as it is an obvious symbol of love and commitment. Many people wish to have a unique wedding or engagement ring, and hence, research the market extensively for it. However, recently, people are seen getting a wedding ring inked on their ring finger as a mark of their love and commitment for their partner. These tattoos came into limelight when Pamela Anderson was pictured sporting it.
Tattoo Designs
Wedding ring tattoo
Usually, these tattoos are made in black or navy blue color, however, they can even be made in colorful patterns. For e.g, a wedding ring in black color with a central design of the diamond in the red, pink or blue is a common tattoo idea. Secondly, you can also go for the Celtic or the tribal wedding ring tattoos as they are unique and equally attractive. Tribal tattoos are known for their intricate designs that never go out of fashion.
Wedding ring tattoo
Secondly, you can even personalize your tattoos by inscribing your beloved's name or initials in a circular form. You can use different fonts and color combinations for the same. On the other hand, you can also include short messages or cute love quotes like 'love you forever', 'be mine forever', etc., on the ring as a symbol of your everlasting love for your beloved. Couples can even have similar wedding ring finger tattoos.
If you have decided to have a tattoo made, it is essential to keep in mind certain things before you go for it. Remember that tattoo removal is a painful process. A tattoo should always be made by a certified professional tattoo artist. As tattoos are meant to last forever, having a wedding ring tattoo is a great symbol of permanent and long-lasting love. So, go for it. Good luck!