Wedding Shower Games

Planning a wedding shower for the bride and groom and want some fun activities to keep them entertained? Check out this list of fun wedding shower games that would appeal to your guests.
Wedessence Staff
Remember the days when guys had wild bachelor parties and girls had frilly bridal showers? Well, those days are simply passé with "Jack and Jill" or the co-ed wedding parties being in vogue, where the bride and the groom as well as other couple friends are invited. So the dainty napkins and the finger foods can finally make way for loads of fun and hearty food and drink. The thing to keep in mind here is to plan something which both the guys and the gals would enjoy. For all the bridesmaids and the maid of honor, please do not host a typical tea party with sandwiches and a pound cake. Guys at wedding showers would rather enjoy a barbecue at the backyard.
Along with wedding themes, games are excellent icebreakers for any party, especially when the guests do not know one another. Take a look at these fun games and remember that throughout all your activities, keep your bride and groom the center of attention.
Game 1: Toilet Paper Wedding Dress
A classic wedding game which is quite popular among the bridesmaids. The rules are simple, just divide the guests into teams of three, and hand out four rolls of white toilet paper, a pair of scissors, and tape. Each team has to design their 'wedding gown' in just 20 minutes, and wrap their chosen 'brides', who would then parade it around the guests. Well, the designers and model of the prettiest gown would take away the prize of course, but wait till you see the creative juices flow! Do not forget to take a humorous photo-op of the fabulously inventive pieces. A spin-off of this game is the newspaper wedding dress where the toilet paper can be replaced with the wedding announcement section in the newspaper.
Game 2: Hot Potato
All the guests are seated in a circle and a box is passed around until the music is stopped. Whoever has the box, has to wear the contents of the box for the entire party. Sounds fun, hopefully it's not a shower cap!
Game 3: Read his Mind
This is a game to test how much the bride and the groom know about each other so, a week before the party, give each of them, their set of twenty questions about themselves and the relationship. Figure out some really zany or romantic questions and film the groom and the bride answering them. At the shower ask each one to guess the answers that their partner had given and play the videotaped answer. The penalty for every wrong answer, a bubble gum to chew. Before long you may have a bride and groom with a huge wad of bubblegum in their mouths!
Game 4: Two Truths and a Lie
A great game to break the ice between guests is, when a guest tells the group three experiences that he or she had with the bride and the groom, two of which would be true and one, a lie. The guests then have to pick out which experience was a lie. The funny part is that most of the outrageous stories are usually the true ones!
Game 5: String of Hearts
Cut out two big pieces of heart with long ribbons attached to them and affix them on the wall. On the hearts, write down the name of the bride and the groom (for example 'Mary is'). Then cut out some additional pieces of hearts in different sizes, and ask the guests to write the word that describes the bride and groom best like 'fun' or 'mad'. Affix these hearts to the ribbon and there you have something that would remind the couple of their wedding shower.
Every wedding shower needs a game or two, sometimes three, so try out these wacky and traditional games for Jack and Jill and of course most importantly, party hard!