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Wedding Shower Invitations

Invitations are an important part of a bridal shower. Have a look at some perfect wedding shower invitations.
Uttara Manohar Mar 12, 2019
Weddings are always associated with joy and happiness, which is perhaps why there exist so many celebrations before and after the actual ceremony, a wedding shower being one of them. It is nothing but a party where all the guests shower their best wishes and love upon the bride-to-be.
It is a much-awaited party that precedes the wedding, and is conventionally attended by the bride and all her female friends and family members. However, nowadays people have modified the conventional ways and you might come across a few guys too at a bridal shower.
The Maid of Honor of the bride-to-be is generally in charge of all the arrangements for the wedding shower. Invitations are the most important and primary part of these preparations.
Starting from finalizing the guest list and selecting the invitations, to getting back the RSVPs, and having a confirmed guest list - the job is difficult to say the least! Let's discuss how you can go about this task.

Finalizing the Guest List

There are a lot of things to consider before you finalize the guest list. In case you are planning for a surprise wedding shower, then it is obvious that you cannot consult the bride-to-be to finalize the guest list. In such cases, make sure you invite all the people who are close to the would-be-bride.
Her mother, sister, female in-laws, and all such people who you think are close to her should be invited to the shower. In case you want to make sure you do not end up inviting unwanted people, you can always have a word with the groom and finalize the guest list.
Make sure you do not miss out on the bride's colleagues from work or her friends from college; she needs to see everyone at the wedding shower!

Types of Invitations

There are lot of ways to invite people for a party, the main options being post, email, and telephone. Sending out the invites via email can be quite convenient, but only if you know that the people you are about to invite are internet savvy. There exists a wide range of invitation e-cards that you can send, which can save you both time and trouble.
You can also choose from a range of paid or non-paid websites that offer e-invitations. If that seems like a lot of work, there is nothing like the humble email. You can also use colorful templates and pictures in the e-invitations to make them more interesting.
Many people say that inviting people over the phone can be considered rude, but, it's very convenient for the person who is organizing the shower as well as the guests. Call up people and know whether or not they'll be attending the party. This speeds up the process of finalizing the guest list, since you immediately know who is going to come and who is not.
However, in spite of the technological advances there are many people who like to stick to the conventional practice of sending out paper invitations and getting the replies for the RSVP cards. Sending out the invites by post is by far the safest and most preferred option till date, since it also has a certain amount of warmth associated with it.
While picking out the invitations, experiment with varied themes and color schemes. In case you do not want ready-made invitation cards, you can call a bunch of friends to help you out and make them yourself with the DIY wedding shower invitation kits.

Things to Remember

Once you have decided what type of invites you are going to send, you need to finalize the things that need to be mentioned in them. First of all, mention the bride's name, and then the venue and time of the wedding shower. In case the road to the venue is complicated, it is advisable to include a map illustrating the directions.
Once the guests receive the invitations, ask them to confirm whether or not they would be attending through RSVP cards. In case the couple has signed up with a gift registry, make sure to mention it to the guests as it will make them pick appropriate gifts for the couple.