Wedding Thank You Note Samples

Get some great samples for wedding thank you notes from this article and let your loved ones feel that you have been immensely gratified by their presence at your special day.
A wedding is a very special day for the bride and groom. They usually invite those who are really special to them for this occasion to make it even more special. After the wedding and honeymoon it is considered good manners to write than you notes to all the guests who attended the ceremony. The couple can write notes thanking the guests for gracing the wedding with their presence and also for their gifts.

Writing thank you cards may seem easy until you actually sit down with a pen and paper to give a thought on writing them. Thank you cards may not only be for the gifts you receive from your friends and acquaintances, but they may also be used to express your gratitude for their presence at your special day. It becomes difficult to pen down the words, when you do not know the person very well and there is always a chance of getting stumped on what to say. Given below are a few examples that you can use to express your gratitude for your friends and family.

Dear Bob,

Without your presence, our wedding would have missed out a lot today. We wanted to thank you again for the lovely lucky bamboo plant you gifted us. It was indeed a thoughtful gift for this new beginning that Jenny and I have undertaken.

Thanks again,

Dear Aunt White,

Tom and I wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude for the generous gift you sent us on our special day. It would greatly add to our savings to buy a new car. It would have been double the pleasure if you were here to attend our happy day. Hope to see you soon.

With love,

Dear Teddy,

You have always been thoughtful and lovingly generous. Your wedding gift could be put to so many uses. Jenny and I are thinking to invest it in a new humidifier for our bedroom. Thank you so much for making our house comfortable and stylish!

Best Wishes,

Dear Aunt Rose,

Jenny and I always wished to have your blissful presence at our wedding. I am so sorry that you could not attend it. It went just like we planned. Our enjoyment was doubled when we were gratified by the gold-plated candlesticks you sent us a wedding gift. They would go very well with the new showcase we just brought in. Thank you from us both!


Dear Mr. Robertson,

Your gift of my favorite chocolate was so wonderfully wrapped in a pretty bow, that I hated to untie it. But I did! Even Tom enjoyed a few bites of it.

You were extremely thoughtful to send me such a sweet gift. It only added to the sweetness of my big day. Please know how much I appreciate it!


Dear Bill,

You have always been a loving friend and an important part of our family. And I also know that you are bad at remembering important occasions. But you did not forget my wedding date. You do not know how much I appreciated your presence at my big day. And the gift you wrapped for us was the cutest of all!

With love,

Dear Sam,

The music system you brought for our wedding was just what Tom and I were wishing for, to make our wedding party a special one. Tom has already collected some fine wedding dance songs for the party. You could not make it for the wedding, but we won't be accepting any excuses this time. Please do come to see us.

Thank you again for thinking of us