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2019 Wedding Trends

Ashlesha Bhondwe Mar 14, 2019
Planning for the perfect wedding can be quite a daunting task. This write-up will give you a hand by providing the 2019 wedding trends, for your perfect wedding.
Every bride wants a perfect fairy-tale wedding. (Well, we specifically say 'bride' as it is her day. Sorry grooms!) Everything has to be just perfect, right from the location to the finest detail on the cutlery. Well, it's easier said than done to have just everything planned well.
As we said, each and every girl dreams of having this perfect wedding, wherein everything needs to be according to her wishes and the current trend. Speaking of trend, here we update you with a few 2019 wedding trends that might just make your wedding the talk of the town.

Beautiful Dress

Here comes the favorite part of the wedding plan -The Wedding Dress!  So, this season has a variety of styles the blushing bride can choose from.
You may find lots and lots of laces, also the sober fish cut gowns. This year we have long dresses with puffed sleeves and a waist knot which will give a gorgeous and not so traditional look. Bridal dresses with detailing can be opted by the one who desire for a complete modern look with a touch of traditions in yourself.

Bridal Trends of 2019

Pretty short dresses are in this year. Yes brides! The short dresses are here for you because we are bored with the same long gowns. They are comfortable and look cute. Cold shoulder that is trending in fashion industry is now found to be included in the bridal trends as well.
If you want to be more comfortable with your outfit, then you can also go with pearl white wedding suits. Yay! such a relief isn't it? Same as your partner even you will be comfortable with your wedding suits now. Brides, you have much pretty options this year. Get what you desire and make your wedding the best.

Perfect Shoes

The first thing to be looked at is the wedding dress, then comes the shoes. It has to be perfect and should go with your gown.
This year you don't have to stick to heels, just jump into flat ballerina. Isn't it great!
If you can't take heels for too long then this is a great option, but if you are fond of heels, then surely go for it. There are various patterns available that goes with your wedding dress like nude color heels, detailed ballet shoes, laced sandals, and many more.


Wedding day is the day that comes only once in our life, why end it up with boring earrings. The oversized earrings are in this year.
A statement necklace, arm cuffs, and hair adornment are the accessories that will make you look more pretty.
This year the pearl jewelry is trending more than diamonds and stones. A pearl necklace that compliments your entire dress is the trendiest.


No matter what texture you have got to your hair, whether you have curly hair or straight hair, short, medium or long hair, any type of hairstyles can be done which will make you look more stunning.
You can try any updo or just leave them open with some hair adornment.

Groom's Trends of 2019


Most of the grooms opt for the all-time tuxedo on their wedding, which is not a bad choice. But you can opt for a more relaxed look instead of going all James Bond. There are lot of urban rustic formals coming up this year with polka dot ties, floral shirts and light colors.
Well, not all men would want that, and not all men would be able to carry them off. Our advice to the groom, just be comfortable and look like a groom! But if you want to try out something new and look cool, then there are a variety of options available for you this year.


Groom's shoes are as much important as the bride's shoes. It's not like any other common formal shoes to be chosen. You have a huge variety of shoe designs and patterns.
Don't go with the formal black shoes like always, instead try out for a casual wear like loafers that goes with your complete attire.


Style up groom's look by detailing few things in his attire. It is as important as the bride's beauty. Cufflinks of the groom's shirt can be personalized by writing the wedding song on it, or the wedding date. It can be also designed according to your wedding theme.
Pocket square is the second important thing, as it has to match your wedding suit. It can have a floral pattern on it or that can also be a personalized one according to your wedding theme.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen


This year calls for setting your own trends. Yes, your dresses needn't be all the same, like it has been in the past. This year will give you a chance to choose your own dress in your own style. Or, you can go for the same color combination, but choose different designs for your dress.
Go for pastel and lilac, mix it up with a contrasting colored belt and shoes. Or, wear a traditional dress pattern with the modernized boots, perfect mixture of traditional and modernization.


Speaking of the groomsmen, try not to take the attention away from the groom. If the groom is dressed up in formal tux, you can take the formality away and wear something semi-formal.
2019 is up with the mismatch trend for groomsmen too. You can save your bucks if your wardrobe already has enough collection of suits. You can also opt for a casual look by wearing a plain shirt with floral print blazer or a floral tie.

Wedding Theme and Decor


Marquee wedding venues are in trend this year. It has a lot of space and provides you with ease in decorating your wedding venue the way you want.
You can also go for the vintage look with a modern touch for your wedding venue. The venue is really important as it decides what you will be wearing according to the theme. So, choose the best one!


Try a different idea this wedding season, just get the food trucks with loads of snacks. Your guests will definitely love this. Or simply go for the casual meal menu and let your guests enjoy brunch-style food.


The wedding cake is of course one of the highlights in the wedding. The most favorite this year would be tired cakes instead of the cupcake trend that was ruling since the past few years.
Expect a simple undressed cake instead of classic cakes with exotic decorations. This year metallic cakes are also trending. So, get a beautiful yet sober metallic cake for your wedding.


Well, we see a lot of variations in this year's wedding trends as compared to the past few years, and wedding favors are no exceptions! This year calls for a more DIY trend when it comes to wedding favors.
So this year, expect some nice edible favors including sweet baked goodies and treats. It is all about personalizing and bringing a traditional touch to it. Gift something to your guests that will be loved and cherished by them, and not left in one corner rusting forever.
A wedding is something that will be one of those foundations of the fond memories you will share with your spouse for the rest of your life. The wedding trends mentioned here are just a small effort to make those memories a little extra special.
When it comes the current trend, remember, what is more important is what you want your wedding to be like. This is the reason why Bella went for a traditional lace gown with full sleeves in the year where strapless was the popular choice. Someone initiates and the rest follow, so no matter what you do, if you like it, people will love it! All the best!