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Wedding Unity Ideas

Aastha Dogra Feb 6, 2019
Need some inspiration to add a personal touch to the Unity Candle ritual in traditional wedding ceremony? If yes, read on for creative and unique ideas regarding wedding unity ritual.
Most of us have either seen or heard of the unity candle ceremony that is conducted in church weddings, in which both the bride and the groom light individual candles, and then, light another big candle together, to symbolize their union in matrimony.
Unity Candle ritual has been a part of weddings for a very long time. Young couples who are planning to get married, often want some variations in this ceremony, to make it more interesting and appealing.

Unity Candle...With a Difference

This ritual becomes more enjoyable, if the guests are also included in it. A lit candle can be given to the oldest relative of either the bride or the groom. All the other guests are given unlit candles. The flame is then passed on from this relative to the guest sitting next to him and so on, till everybody's candles are lit.
Afterward, the bride and the groom also light their unity candle. This is one of the most wonderful ideas, wherein candle lighting by the guests represents their acceptance, approval, and blessings for the couple's union.

Handfasting Ceremony

The term "tying the knot" originated from the age-old Irish tradition of tying the bride and the groom's hands together with hand-fasting ribbons representing their union as husband and wife. In this ceremony, the officiant asks the bride and groom to hold hands and he ties a ribbon around their wrists to "Join" them forever.

Garland and Circling Ceremony

It is derived from the Indian Hindu weddings. In this ritual, the bride puts a garland, known as "Varmala" in Hindi, around the neck of the groom, which the groom accepts by putting a garland around the bride's neck. After this, both of them proceed to circle the altar seven times which signifies an unbroken bond and commitment to each other.

Unity Sand Ceremony

Some say that the origin of this ritual can be traced back to the native Americans, while others say that it is the Hawaiians who started including it in their weddings.
The couple starts pouring their individual sands into one large container, blending different sand colors symbolizing the couple's union.
Unique and distinctive ideas provide young couples with the flexibility to personalize their weddings according to their lifestyles and beliefs. In addition, a differently conducted ceremony will remain etched in the guest's, as well as the couple's mind for a very long time, creating memories that can last forever.