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Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas That'll Win Your Guests' Heart

Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas
A wedding welcome bag is a good way to welcome guests to your wedding and to show them that their presence is appreciated. Find out about different wedding welcome bag ideas, in this post, that are sure to win over the hearts of your guests!
Mrunal Belvalkar
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Party favors go a long way in creating a good impression in the minds of your guests. So do wedding welcome bags. From the most elaborate to the simplest of weddings is incomplete without a wedding welcome bag. It need not be expensive or exotic; it need not be luxuriant. But a wedding welcome bag must have taste, quality, should be usable, and should make the guest feel really honored and welcome. In spite of the fact that we know how we feel while receiving one of these bags ourselves depending on the contents of the bag, we are unable to aptly decide the goodies that should go into a wedding welcome bag. Should you add this? Should you add that? And what about that?
No matter how fancy a wedding welcome bag you design, there are a few things that can and should go into every kind of wedding welcome bag, irrespective of whose wedding it is! Find out about some simple and effective wedding welcome bag ideas as you read on...
Ideas for Wedding Welcome Bags
A wedding welcome gift should have the following bare essentials...
Bottle of Water
Water bottle
This is going to serve as a blessing. A bottle of water is rather useful. Wedding ceremonies can get quite long with the speeches, the 'How Harry Met Sally' photo slideshows and all that jazz. One is bound to get thirsty! A bottle of water is going to be a great idea. If you want to splurge a bit, you can add a fruit juice carton. If you want a go-between option, fruit infused water may be a good idea. Basically something to drink and keep your guests fresh.
Cookies and Candy
Cookies with dry fruits
This is an especially thoughtful gesture given that some couples may have small kids who are bound to get hungry before the food is laid on the tables and the banquet is open to the guests. Cookies and candy is a good way to keep the kids filled till the ceremony is over and the wedding cake is cut. Not to mention, cookies and candy is liked by all ages. Go for the most commonly liked flavors, like chocolate. You can substitute candy with dry fruits or nuts.
Tissue Paper
Tissue paper
There never is one when you need one, so why not provide your guests with a few of them? A small pack of tissue papers might be just the thing your guests need. A tissue paper is rather handy. It will allow the guests to wipe their fingers and hands after they are done snacking on the cookies and candy in the bag! Also with the kids running around, there might just be some spilled wine or food. A tissue paper will quickly take care of the situation.
A Souvenir
Wedding candy
A souvenir would even double up as a wedding favor. Include separate souvenirs for the husband and wife. If you expects kids to be there, include a different souvenir for them. You can include details like the date and time and the name of the bride and groom on the souvenir, so the guests will always remember. On the other hand, you may make the souvenir personalized, so that it carries the guest's name. Do not forget to add a little 'Thanks' on it as well!
A Thank-You Card
Thank you note
It need not be too elaborate or fancy. But a simple postcard with the picture of the bride and the groom and a small thank-you note at the back of it is going to make your guests feel special and cherished. As a token of your appreciation, you may even include coupons to a fine wine shop or some other exotic store, or even a fancy restaurant. However, spend a thought on selecting the store or restaurant - the coupons should not look or feel cheap or kitsch!
Some Unusual Welcome Bag Ideas
It is a custom to throw things like streamers, rose petals and the likes as the bride and groom leave the wedding venue. It would be a good idea to provide your guests with these throws! Here are a couple of ideas.
Fresh Flower Petals
Pink rose petals
One good item to go into your wedding welcome bag would be a packet of fresh flower petals. Rose petals are most commonly used. You can have the rose petals color coordinated with your bridal gown and the flowers used to decorate the venue. If fresh flower petals is too expensive an option, you may even go for colored bits of paper, or a mix of the two.
Canrival streamer
These are bound to be a hit! Streamers look really pretty, and are easy to collect and dispose at the end of the ceremony too. They come in all vibrant colors. Streamers are a good substitute for fresh flower petals. This is so because fresh flower petals may dry up and look dull. Streamers remain fresh forever! Definitely an option worth considering.
Corsage and Boutonnière
White rose corsage
Corsages and boutonnières may seem to be out of fashion or really old-fashioned. But I think they look really pretty. If I were to make a welcome bag for my wedding, I would definitely include them! The only real problem here would be if the corsage and the boutonnière do not color-coordinate with your guests' clothes. The simple solution to this problem would be to select mild pastel colors while designing a corsage or boutonnière. White would be the best one to choose.
Welcome Bag Ideas for..
... a Destination Wedding
Travel guide
Along with the above mentioned goodies, a destination wedding welcome bag could contain a small booklet or leaflet giving information about the most exciting places to visit in the city or town where the wedding is being held. This information would be rather useful if any of your guests are planning to stay after the wedding, or if they arrive a couple of days prior to the wedding day. You can include addresses of local clubs, restaurants and the likes. The previously mentioned goodies can be designed to carry the theme of the destination. For example, if you are getting married in Hawaii, the corsage could be made of exotic flowers found only in Hawaii, etc.
... a Theme Wedding
Goodies for theme wedding
Many people like to have theme weddings. If yours is going to be one like that, the goodies that go into your wedding welcome bag can be theme coordinated. For example, if the theme of your wedding is 'Fairytale', you can include tiaras and wands for the women and cufflinks for the men. If your wedding is based on a different culture, you can include something symbolic of that culture to be a part of your wedding welcome bag. (Do not forget to add a note on what the item is, and what is its significance!) For example, if you plan to have a Hindu Wedding ceremony, you could include kumkum powder in the bag.
Wedding welcome bags are a great way to show your gratitude and appreciation to your guests for taking the time out of their busy schedule to come and attend your wedding and shower their blessings on you. So do make sure to spend more than just a thought when you design your wedding welcome bag. The above ideas are only a guideline, depending on your budget you may add as many goodies to your bag as you want! Have a happy married life!
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