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Worried if it Rains on Your Wedding Day? Here's What to Do

What to Do if it Rains on Your Wedding Day
Experiencing rain on a wedding day should be an enchanting moment for the bride and groom. Don't be dismayed about the weather forecast; you'll be surprised to discover just how beautiful it is to have your outdoor wedding when the heavens open.
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
The best thing one can do when it's raining, is to let it rain.
--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Rainy-day weddings are a dulcet experience of sorts; the verdant outdoors come to life in a display of ethereal colors that are seldom seen otherwise. The loving couple who's proclaiming their love for one another in a final act of commitment, cannot do so more perfectly, than in the rain.

I know what you're thinking―soggy wedding-wear and shoes, melting makeup, and disheveled, once-coiffed hair. It doesn't have to be like that at all, you know. We have some suggestions that you can consider, to turn your wedding into a day that will go down in family history, as the loveliest.
How to Make the Most of a Rainy Wedding Day
Ceremony: Out, Reception: In
Bride and groom posing
Why not have the best of both worlds? The windy, dreamy outdoors, and the cozy insides of a reception hall. It would allow guests to remain dry indoors, and also protect food and drinks from humidity spoilage; the last thing you need is a stampede of guests elbowing each other to the toilet. Guests would alternatively be seated on damp chairs outside and stand in the rain, so it'd be better to rent a reception hall or tented enclosure for the proceeding affair, once the outdoor ceremony is done.
Fabric-Covered Gazebo
Tents for outdoor wedding
The unforgiving rain can be tackled by renting or erecting a gazebo-style enclosure, shrouded with durable fabric that you can easily get a hold of. Think of how surreal your location will look, once twilight befalls; the gazebo will be set against a pink-tinged, tangerine sky, that even if replete with rain-laden clouds, may promise an appearance of its lunar and starry companions, once night falls. Guests will be comfortably seated inside, without having to worry about getting drenched. Outdoor wedding receptions in this case, won't work out, but a ceremony definitely will.
Cheery Gumboots
Wearing gumboots for wedding
You know how we have the caprice to run out into the rain and get wet? Except that we implore brides to consider not wearing their sky-high heels while doing this. Men, too, would be better off listening to us about not wearing a good pair of brogues in the rain, for fear of causing irreparable damage. Gumboots are a whimsical, yet fun alternative, especially since they will keep your feet dry and help you get around easily. Once the ceremony is done, you can slip into your let's-party shoes for the reception.
Don't Forget the Umbrellas!
Bride and groom with umbrella
Request guests in your wedding invitation to carry an umbrella, in case of a downpour. Matching bride-groom, sorbet-colored umbrellas work better than contrasting colors, especially for photographs, so be sure to pick the same kind, or a similar design with subtle color variations. Pellucid umbrellas are a cool option, too, in perky hues that add to the beauty of nature's gracefulness in the rain.
Waterproof Makeup, Please!
Waterproof makeup for wedding
Runny eyeliner is not an attractive sight, trust me. Neither is unruly, windblown hair or pasty makeup. You don't want the photographs to be mistaken for shots taken at a Halloween party. To avoid such an icky situation, use waterproof makeup from a trusted brand that promises to stay put even through the worst storm. For hair, use frizz-control hair care products like hair spray, leave-in conditioner, serum, or pomade, to tame flyaway hair and tangled tresses, caused by heavy winds and humidity. Ask the hair and makeup artist if he/she can stick around until the reception party begins, so that the two of you can quickly do a touch up.
Unbelievable Wedding Photography
Wedding photography in rainy wedding
While I was browsing through photographs of newlywed couples posing exquisitely in the rain, it was a lachrymose moment. Well, almost. It's amazing what you can do with a camera, once you know how to unlock its many hidden technical wonders. Hire a photographer that has experience in shooting subjects in the rain. Because the weather is propitious in every way, the photographs taken, will have a distinct quality that will be nothing short of breathtaking. The photographer is at a great advantage since the windy climate, rain-speckled surroundings, and lively burst of colors, lend an extraordinary backdrop for couples.
Don't agonize over the weather forecast if it is a gloomy one. Just think of how well it'll turn out, provided that you have all the arrangements covered prior to the big day. Take a deep breath and let the rain fall as predicted, because it is not going to ruin your meticulously-planned day. Besides, it's good luck for couples to experience rain on their wedding day!
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