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What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Sujata Iyer Oct 21, 2018
What should you wear to a fall wedding? How long or short should it be? Should you accessorize or not? What's the hottest color this fall? And what's the most stylish fabric? This post has answers to all these, and more!
Before you pick out a dress to wear, if you can, confirm the color of the bridesmaids' dresses. This can help prevent an unnecessary clash of colors (and emotions).
A fall wedding is, in itself, so beautiful, that dressing up for one is bound to make you a little jittery. Add to it the pressure of having to look drop-dead gorgeous because it is, after all, a wedding, and you're probably chewing off your nails. Relax. Take a deep breath. We've got your back.
Honestly, dressing up for a fall wedding has never been more stylish or fun! Color, prints, fabric, patterns ―there's so much variety this time that you're going to be spoiled for choice. Here's a compilation of the super-popular trends with regards to attire for guests. We'll begin with the options for women and then move on to a couple of options for men.

Something Flowy

Flowing, billowy material is a huge trend this fall. If you're wondering how to incorporate such fabric into an ensemble for a casual affair, take a look at the image here. It's a gorgeous dress in a sheer, lightweight and breathable fabric. It's superbly comfortable because of its light weight.
Add a perfectly tied bow to take away the monotony of print (which is another trend, BTW). For a formal event, you simply cannot do better than an exquisite gown in a color as impressive as blood red. If you're not one for red, then colors like deep purple, wine, and emerald are others you might want to try.
Accessorizing for both these looks is best kept minimal. A pair of stud earrings can work, but are not really necessary. Let the fabric and patterns do all the talking. You just enjoy the sheer indulgence of it.

Something Long

The maxi dress has made a huge comeback this fall, and how! Whether it's a casual beach wedding or a propah formal wedding, you cannot go wrong with a long, flowing dress that exudes elegance and class. Let's see what you can do for a casual wedding.
We love the low tier that this maxi dress has. Not often considered a viable combination, see how beautifully the rust belt complements the dull green-gray of the dress. As far as accessorizing is concerned, go for an all-bare look. No jewelry, just a pair of comfortable flats.
For a formal event, make sure your dress is made of luxurious, billowy fabric. Let it be long enough to just kiss your ankles when you're up in your high heels. Orange is one of the most popular colors this fall, so pick an orange dress as the icing on the cake.
A pair of hoop earrings is all you need to accessorize this graceful look.

Something Lacy

Everywhere you look, women have taken to lace! While there are people who think that lace is best restricted to wedding dresses, how can you not want to exploit the absolute wonder that is lace.
For those who think that lace cannot be accommodated into a causal setting, we present this cheerful blue number. It's perfect for a day wedding in its bright cobalt. You can bring out your bracelets and quirky necklaces for this look. Team it with a pair of neutral pumps, a flashy clutch, and you're ready to roll!
For an evening wedding, try a take on a cocktail dress. We know that black at a wedding is frowned upon. Hence, we suggest wearing your lace dress with a bright-colored camisole. This will offset the moroseness associated with black and also add a touch of naughty to your look.
Wear a pair of closed pumps to complete the look.

Something One-shouldered

Another trend that women can't seem to be getting enough of is the one-shouldered dress. The best part is, they can be combined with the other trends like lace and flowing fabrics. However, if you're looking to do something that hasn't been done in a while, pick a one-shouldered dress that ends just shy of your thighs, like both the dresses shown here.
For a casual setting, you can pick a number in hot pink like the one here. Fancy it up with a pair of dangling earrings and a stylish clutch.
For a formal or evening wedding, pick a dress with an embellished shoulder and in a rich color like the royal blue here. The sliver of silver at the waist is all the attention the look needs, which means you can keep the accessories to a bare minimum.

Something High-necked

Out with all the plunging necklines and in with the high-raised ones. Though this trend has not been blatantly spoken about like all the others mentioned here, it has been observed on most ramps this fall. And as the weather gets chilly, one can hardly argue with it. Now comes the question of incorporating this modest neckline into a fall wedding wardrobe.
For a black tie optional wedding, you can pick something in a bright color like the blood orange here. The emerald patches help divide the brightness, and the belt adds a bit of fun to it. Teamed with a pair of high-heeled peep-toes in any neutral color, this look is one to watch out for.
Again, a combination of two trends, this lace-punctuated, high-neck dress in a color as neutral as this, is a great look that anybody attending a formal wedding this fall can adopt. Effortless to compile, with just a pair of high-heeled pumps, it has the right balance of class and fun.

Something Printed

Prints have taken the fall fashion world by storm. Whether it's animal prints, evergreen florals, intriguing geometrics, or random digitals, printed dresses are everywhere! So, how could we not encourage you to take to this flashy trend as you dress up for a fall wedding?
For a semi-formal affair, go for bold, nature-inspired prints and a pair of peep-toes. A formal event calls for something toned down, like a floral print in a neutral color combination.

Something Gray

Gray, a color usually seen as suitable for corporate attire, is taking fashionistas by surprise this fall. Who knew it could be used to dress up for a wedding, let alone one as vibrant as a fall wedding, right? But looking at the styles mentioned will help you change your mind.
Having been combined with the maxi dress and the high neck trend, patterns like these are great to wear to a causal and a formal do, respectively. Accessorizing, again, won't be much of an issue.
For a formal event though, you might want to consider a pair of stud earrings.

Something Metallic

We saw how metallic tones are the rage even in nail colors this fall, so it's obvious that they're big in attire too. Golds, silvers, bronzes, and coppers are all colors you can try experimenting with to get that perfect metallic look going, for a casual or formal event.
Accessory-wise, you can choose to either exaggerate the shimmer by wearing blingy jewelry, or tone it down by opting for matte jewelry in a contrasting color.

For the Formal Man

It's never been easier for men to dress up for a wedding. This fall has been extremely kind to them with regard to what they can wear to a wedding. For a black tie wedding, go all out formal.
Suit up in a dark color. The hottest ones are black, navy, charcoal gray, and the like. Pair it with a shirt in a light color. Though a plain white shirt is most preferable, you can add a little drama with a light pink or lavender. You can even pick a light shirt that has faint stripes or checks.
But the USP of this formal attire is a gorgeous jewel-toned tie. Pick one that contrasts the color of your shirt. Pick unconventional colors like purple, orange, or even emerald instead of the standard maroon or gray. Let the tie, with its pop of color, steal the show from the rest of the outfit.

For the Casual Man

As if casual dressing was not easy enough for men, fall has brought with it such ridiculously easy trends to pull off. For a casual fall wedding, you can throw on a pair of the ever-faithful cotton pants in a light color.
A classic button-down shirt will make you look just the right amount of classy while being effortlessly casual. Wrap a woolen scarf in a neutral color around your neck to keep gusts of wind at bay. Complete the look with a pair of neutral workman boots.
There you have it! So many options to choose from to be perfectly dressed for a fall wedding. Whatever the outfit or look you decide on, remember to carry a throw, shrug, coat, or shawl in a color that complements the entire outfit. It will keep you warm and looking like a million bucks throughout.