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Why You Should Consider Manas Resort as a Wedding Destination

Manas Resort With Petting Zoo May 22, 2019
Wedding is once-in-a-lifetime event and it deserves a unique destination. Manas Resort is one such destination where the wedding events are managed carefully by the adepts in hospitality to make your big-day memorable.

Serene Environment Setting

Are you looking for wedding destination with beautiful and serene hilly atmosphere? Then Manas Resort is the place you should be at. Situated in the Sahyadri Hills with trees and lush greenery all around, the Manas Resort offers you a serene environment that will calm your nerves and make your wedding truly blissful and magical.

Instant Guest Gratification

You don't have to worry if your wedding is an intimate event or a big one, because Manas Resort has a capacity to accommodate over more than 2000 guests for different events at various venues within the resort. Your guests will be served with all the warmth and hospitality by the staff. Your guests would love it here!

Plethora of Services to Choose From

A wedding lasts for a day but it involves many activities to be manoeuvred at a time. At Manas Resort you get all the wedding services under one roof. You choose from banquets, lawns and pool side venues or a combination, to conduct different rituals. You can pick your own designs for these venues that will uphold the sentiments of a traditional setting.
Other services that you can avail are Infinity Swimming Pool, Laundry Service, Wi-Fi Areas, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Children Park. You can get these services with the choice of your package and your guests can enjoy their leisure time in the resort.
If you have a pet and are pondering about how do you get it with you during the ceremony, then worry not! Manas Resort with Petting Zoo is a place where you and your guests can get their pets along and enjoy the ceremony with the floof buddies alongside, isn’t it amazing?

Comfortable Rooms

At Manas Resort, comfort is of prime importance. Manas Resort indeed offers budget-friendly and cozy range of rooms like one bedroom villas, two bedroom villas or even suites that will give you and your guests all the comfort they need.

The Traditional Settings

Manas Resort is one of those wedding destination resorts that don't compromise with the grandeur and traditions of a wedding ceremony. Manas Resort's hospitality team will look after all your needs for the traditional settings and assist you to host the rituals for your big day!

A Perfect Pre-wedding Photoshoot Location

Searching for a great pre-wedding photoshoot location? Manas Resort is a perfect pick for it! You and your beau can now get stylish with your photoshoot as every corner of Manas Resort serves as an alluring location for the pre-wedding photoshoot.

Scrumptious Meals

Good Food = Good Times!
The well versed chefs at Manas Resort will make sure that you and your guests will savor the cuisine you opt for!

Spa Therapy

The Bride and Groom are the people of the day and it is paramount to keep them relaxed during the ceremonies. Manas Resort offers refreshing spa therapies and beauty treatments that help the bride and groom remain calm and enthusiastic during the ceremony.

A Budget Package to Suit Your Pocket

At Manas Resort, you get all of the extravaganza and the fun of having your loved ones with you for the D-Day, at an absolutely affordable price! Manas Resort indeed offers a great place for your dream destination wedding. Isn't this everything you need for your dream wedding?