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Wine-themed Wedding

Wine-themed Wedding

A wine-themed wedding is indeed a lovely novelty. Read on to find out more ideas about having such a blast...
Aastha Dogra
Gone are the days when people used to have their wedding in a church, where a small gathering of close friends and family would come and bless them. These days, people want to show their individuality and originality in the way they have their weddings. That's why, we have all sorts of themes around which weddings are being planned these days. Out of all these themes, one of the most romantic and beautiful themes is wine.

The perfect venue for a wine-themed wedding is, of course, a vineyard. So, if you have one nearby, see if you can book it for a day. Otherwise, you can decorate other venues to look like vineyards.

Color Combinations
To bring out the theme in the most apt manner, use the colors of grapes, such as green, purple, and burgundy, in your decorations, invitations, and dresses of the bridesmaid and groomsmen.

The invitations should be designed in such a way that they offer a prelude to the guests of what to expect on the big day. A unique idea for invitations is to have them cut out in the shape and color of wine bottles! If you prefer the regular rectangle, have a picture of a wine bottle or a bunch of grapes printed on it.

There are numerous creative ways in which you can plan the decorations. Wine bottles, oak barrels, grapevines (both real and fake), wine glasses, silken cloth in green and purple color, ribbons and tulle in the same colors, etc. Here are some unique ideas on decorations that you can consider:
  • For the centerpieces, you can creatively arrange green and purple wine glasses on a large metal plate. Fill the glasses with grapes and let a grapevine or two hang from these. Tie the stems of the glasses with small bows made out of ribbons, and voila, you have the most artistic centerpiece ready! If you are planning the wedding at night, a good idea is to make a centerpiece with candles in wine glasses.
  • Use roses liberally. Create an arch at the altar, and decorate it with champagne-colored or white roses. If the wedding is in a hall, you can hang flower arrangements made from roses from the walls.
  • Keep the table cloth and chair covers white. To add a hint of the wine theme, have the chair sashes in green and purple colors. For a bit of lighthearted touch, 'decorate' the table cloths with fake wine stains, or print information about various wines on each table cloth.
  • Tulle can be hung from the walls or used at various places in a creative way to enhance the decor.
Food and Beverages
Include appetizers made with different kinds of cheese, a Caesar salad, various styles of pastas, and desserts made of dark chocolate. As for the beverages, keep a variety of wines, so that everybody gets to taste them. For children and those who do not take alcohol, you can keep grape juice or other common soft drinks.

For wedding favors, give something to the guests that will keep the memory of the fun time they had at your wedding, alive. Gifts such as wine bottle openers, coasters, glasses, decorative stoppers, etc., make for good gifts. These gifts are practical and can be used by your guests in their homes for a long time.

Wine-themed weddings should be all about elegance, love, and romance. They are ideal for couples who believe in living a life of beauty and luxury. If this is what defines you, then go ahead, and plan a magnificent fairytale wedding around this theme!
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Wedding arch decorated with veil and flowers
Pyramid with a glass of wine