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Winter Honeymoon Destinations

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla Nov 25, 2018
All you couples who got married recently or are planning a Christmas wedding, here are some suggestions on winter honeymoon destinations that are sure to ignite those romantic sparks into infernos of passion when the rest of the world is all shivers!
Congratulations to both of you on your wedding (or upcoming wedding, whatever the case might be)! This is the greatest and most profound turning point of your lives! A marital union is something that everyone knows he/she would enter at some or the other point of his/her life.
Most people have lots of plans regarding the big day and the ensuing romantic escapade, far from the proverbial madding crowd. A winter wedding, followed by a winter honeymoon is an excellent opportunity for both of you to have a romantic adventure, away from the familiar crowd!
Here is a list of excellent winter honeymoon destinations in case you still haven't decided as to which place on earth would be perfect for you to initiate your lifetime of togetherness and commitment to each other!

Top Destinations for a Winter Honeymoon

The following are some of the best honeymoon destinations that you can choose from if planning for a romantic sojourn in winter. Here are some of the best winter honeymoon destinations for you!


An exotically romantic island, Hawaii is among the top honeymoon destinations for winter if you two want to cozy up sans the chills.
What can probably match the serene romance of taking a swim in the warm sea together and watching the exotic Hawaiian dancers performing in the evenings at the beach resorts, sitting under coconut palm trees, basking in sensuous laze in each other's company. Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the best tropical honeymoon destinations for winter.

New Zealand

If sweating it out (not the way you're thinking, you pervert!) is your idea of a romantic escapade, then vacationing at the winter ski resorts of New Zealand would definitely flare up the embers of passion as you whizz along the ice covered slopes!
Besides skiing, you can also have fun playing a lot of other winter sports together such as ice hockey, ice skating and snowboarding!


If you have a holiday crunch, you can still take advantage of the winter sports season by taking a romantic refuge in the snow covered Canadian winter. It's one of the best honeymoon destinations in the USA if it's chilly thrills you're looking for!


In case you're not quite bent upon loading up on the woolens during your honeymoon, the inviting warm Argentine breeze is just the thing to let your romantic imaginations (and inclinations, wink! wink!) soar unhinged!
Argentina proves itself as one of the most excellent romantic honeymoon destinations as you get to experience the warmer air, the beautiful landscape, moderate climate, excellent food and an overall exotic experience a lot closer to home than the Bahamas! Also, it tops the list of cheap honeymoon ideas due to the low cost of stay you'll have to incur there!


A country that is synonymous with diversity - be it climate, languages, religions, cultures, communities, food...the list is unending!
Indian honeymoon destinations for winter include the beautiful and therapeutic backwaters of Kerala, the majestic city of dunes Rajasthan, the perennial carnival of a state Goa and much more!
Also, India is one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations that offers you a huge variety in terms of exciting honeymoon packages where you see a number of different places and cultures in just one visit!

Caribbean Islands

Winter is the time when you feel like hitting the sun kissed beaches the most! More so when you're accompanied by your significant other at the start of your new life together!
The pristine beautiful Caribbean islands offer you the best opportunity to bond with your beloved while being isolated from the rest of the world! This is the reason why the Caribbean islands are among the best secluded honeymoon destinations in the world!
Plan all aspects of your honeymoon vacation travel well and in detail so that you can enjoy your romantic togetherness at these winter honeymoon destinations without harrowing over trifles and travel travails! May your honeymoon be an unforgettable experience and may this be the beginning of a lifetime of togetherness. Congratulations again!