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Winter Wedding Colors

Shalu Bhatti Oct 19, 2018
Planning to unite together for eternity witnessing the elegant snowfall? We will tell you all about the winter wedding colors which can add that romantic yet magical warmth to your memorable winter wedding ceremony. Read on...
Bonding your soul with your beloved, taking wows in front of the Lord, to be with each other; for each other, through thick and thin, and everyone who belongs to your world witnessing you uniting for eternity with your sweetheart, and showering their blessings upon the both of you..., isn't it the best feeling of all?
The warmth that you see in your sweetheart's eyes for you is the most comforting feeling in a winter wedding. But not everyone invited can feel the same warmth, the colors schemes chosen for the ceremony should depict the warmth that you have for them and the gratitude in your heart towards them, for being a part of your auspicious occasion.

Winter Wedding Colors and Themes

Winter weddings have their own charm, which cannot be replaced by any other kind of wedding. The lovely snowfall, the warmth of the fireplace and the cozy surroundings make it perfect environment to get married. Not only this, the festive season of winter also brings along various occasions based on which one can decide on a complementing wedding theme.

Christmas Wedding Colors

This would be just perfect if you are planning your wedding around the blessed festive season of Christmas! The opportunity to blend the wedding theme and Christmas is so appealing in itself. The locality and the neighborhood is anyway decorated at its best.
Using the warmth of festive colors like red, green, blue, golden, and even a tone of deep brown along with the classy white, will turn out to create a festive atmosphere at the wedding. Use warm and bright colors that make the atmosphere more vibrant
The bride can wear a classy white gown with a fur shawl having a sequence done in Christmas colors, say red and silver and for the groom, a classy white tuxedo with a hint of red (or any other Christmas color).
The dresses of the bridesmaids can be in red with green laces, and the groomsmen can wear a green or red bow along with their tuxes
You can hang pine needles and cones for your flower arrangements, even the wedding cake. For the flowers, opt for black baccara roses, white roses, calla lilies, cymbidium orchids, etc., as they are easily available during winters.
The green garlands accompanied by holly and mistletoe would add to the beauty of the decorations of the wedding.

Winter Wonderland Colors

If you're planning a winter wonderland theme wedding, just keep the snowy fairy tales in mind and choose colors that can bring the same feel in the overall ambiance. There are various approaches to the winter wonderland theme.
You can make it royal and bright by using royal purple, royal blue, burgundy or hunter green with a lot of sparkling silver and gold. On the other hand, there are people who prefer the wonderland theme to be pristine white, with a complementing touch of icy silver. So, depending on your choice, the attire should be decided accordingly.
The bride can have a princess cut gown with loads of crystal blings in the wedding slippers, the dress, the hairpins, bracelet, the tiara and in the bridal bouquet.
The groom can dress in fancy cufflinks, brooches, watch and a bow. The decor could include ice sculptures, silver candle stands, crystal snowflakes, wedding trees and bouquets.

Valentine Season Colors

Valentine's day is the day of love and many couples decide to tie the knot on this very day. Considering this idea, some winter wedding colors would be, you guessed it right, Red!
Red symbolizes love and warmth in the freezing winter season and happens to be a favorite of many. If you want a valentine wedding theme, but don't want the monotonous red, you can use colors like white, pink and shades of maroon, purple and deep burgundy. It will be outright romantic to have a blend of the traditional white gown with a nice sequence in red.
A white ball gown with red borders along with some crystal sequence would look great. The tiara can have red rubies or you opt the classic white with white gemstones. Depending upon the bridal gown, the groom can have a complementing color combination.
The bridal bouquet of deep red roses or red calla lilies would look absolutely gorgeous. The flower arrangements can include tulips, gerberas, and amaryllis with a combination of red and white.

Other Color Themes

Too many choices confuse the mind. But then you need to be sure of the colors that you choose for your much awaited winter wedding.
You can also try some of these popular wedding color combinations and see if you like them.
  • White, silver, and periwinkle.
  • White, red, and silver.
  • Chocolate, red, and mocha.
  • White, Merlot, and silver.
  • White, black, and evergreen.
  • White, orange, and green.
  • White, periwinkle, and blue.
  • Royal purple, black, and white.
  • Brown, light green, orange.
Of course, you need not follow the mentioned wedding color combinations. It'll be more beautiful and special if you just choose what you like and not what everyone says is the trend.
To conclude, unlike fall wedding colors or spring wedding colors, wedding color themes for winters give you a chance to show the serenity and purity of your wedding in a traditional yet festive way. Have a blessed and colorful wedding.