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Winter Wedding Dresses

Mamta Mule Oct 21, 2018
If you are tying the knot during the winters, choosing the right dress is quite essential. Here are a few tips that you can use to plan your dream attire.
Winter weddings are fun and offer a lot of options in terms of dresses and accessories. You can't wear a cape or wrap a fur stole over your wedding dress during the summers.
So, all those trendy and warm accessories can be flaunted during the winter. Winter weddings also offer you a lot of options in terms of dress patterns and fabrics. So, let us have a look at the best options for wedding dresses in winter.

Sleeves or No Sleeves?

If you check the top patterns, you'll notice  long sleeves are in vogue. Dresses with sleeves, long, short, puff and ¾ sleeves are once again a hit and you can pick from the various styles to make a perfect wedding attire.
However, during winters, sleeveless dresses or strapless patterns are not out of the fashion street as you might wonder. Yes, they are still a popular bridal gown pattern and hence, you can also choose to have one of the summer styled wedding wear as well.
Stay away from revealing pieces as no one wants goose bumps due to the cold. Opt for sheer sleeves, butterfly sleeves, and puffed sleeves.
Long sleeve dresses with embellished fabrics and necklines are a class apart. Illusion sleeves which are made of transparent or semi-transparent fabric look extremely classy and stylish. While you choose sleeveless patterns, pick cover ups to grace the outfit and to keep yourself warm.

Necklines and More

Patterns with and without sleeves for this season are plenty. Go for full sleeves with fur at the cuffs and have the neckline as well-graced with fur. Portrait neck, deep 'V' neck, or sweetheart necks look awesome with full sleeve patterns.
You can have a sweetheart neck in a strapless pattern as well. Portrait neck looks great in on/off shoulder patterns. Strapless patterns with cropped sheer jackets look extremely elegant.
Popular styles include those with lots of layers. Dresses with cascading layers and frills are a hit this season. Also, you will get to see a lot of mermaid gowns. Pleated patterns in long flowing gowns are a hit. Apart from those with evenly spaced pleats, dresses with gathered pleats on one side of the waistline are also popular.
Organza belts and satin ribbons gracing waistline and also the empire waist gowns are hot favorites. Sweep train, chapel train, and cathedral train wedding gowns are all a hit this winter.
Organza, satin, applique satin, lace, chiffon, velvet, duchess satin, taffetas, or velour are the many options from which you can decide your pick. Check out the best colors if you don't want to have that traditional white dress.

Warm Cover-ups

When you browse through the dresses, the most prominent elements that you will see are the stylish cover ups. Yes, with the strapless patterns or thin strapped patterns still ruling the wedding gowns, adding a warm cover up to the dress becomes essential.
Cover ups also look great with full sleeved or short sleeved patterns. Fur stole just falling on your hands from the back looks pretty You can go for a fur shrug that is highly popular. Off shoulder fur shrugs tied at the front with a lace add a warm feminine touch to the gown.
Satin shrugs or cropped jackets make the best cover ups. You can opt for a white fur collar as well. The Satin bolero jackets are in vogue with the cold winters and you can pair a matching piece with your wedding gown. Capes also make the best cover ups for these dresses.