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Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas

Uttara Manohar Oct 19, 2018
There are so many ways that you can use winter elements in your wedding invitation if your big day is happening during this chilly time of the year. Discover ideas on how to design your winter wedding invitations before deciding on what works best for you.
Well as for the overall format of your wedding invitation you must first decide whether you want your invitations to be formal or more casual in style.
All the elements for the invitations should be in sync with the theme of your wedding. The fonts used, the tone of the message or even the color of the paper should all be in line with your winter wedding theme.


Having a winter wedding is exciting, but you can go a step further and make it even more interesting with a unique theme for your wedding as well as for your wedding invitations.
For example a Christmas theme can be just perfect for a winter wedding, you can customize your invitation with the use of a winter landscape or even Christmas stars.
If you are fond of flowers pick a floral theme with beautiful prints and patterns and even artificial flowers. In case you are looking for some really unconventional ideas, you can even have customized wedding invitations in little colorful stockings or sparkly woolen bags that will just be the cherry on the icing.


If you are going for a formal wedding, use fonts that look elegant.
If you prefer a more casual invitation, you can experiment with peppier and fun fonts that will complement your winter wedding invitations.
But no matter what your theme or style, remember that the font must be legible enough for everyone. The font size should not be too big or too small, it should be just right for everyone to read comfortably.


Well paper will of course be the material of your choice for the wedding invitation. There are innumerable types and designs that you can choose from. Handmade, glossy, printed ones, or the embossed patterns, take your pick.
Good quality papers with light embossed patterns or ornate prints can look very beautiful and classy for your wedding invitations. While choosing the paper pattern, consider whether you will be printing your message on it or writing it by hand, in both the cases check if the paper you choose is easy to write and print on.


Winters are all about snow and weddings are all about love. You should move away from the conventional square and rectangular invitations.
Pick a unique shape like a snowflake-shaped card or even Christmas bell would be an interesting option instead of the conventional shapes.


While designing your wedding invitation, you can use a lot of warm colors, especially red which will signify the Christmas cheer, but of course you can have your choice of other colors as well.
An interesting option is the use of silver colored invitations, as they are elegant and beautiful without being too loud. Ivory and silver invitations are in vogue for the winter weddings.


Every wedding invitation can be made extra special with the use of small adornments and accessories. Chic satin ribbons and bows, decorative pearls, semi-precious gemstones, artificial flowers, sparkly stick-ons, etc., can transform an ordinary wedding invitation into a stunning one.
If you want you can also use miniature Christmas bells and artificial snowflakes to add some winter cheer to your wedding invitations.
Keep these things in mind while you arrange for your wedding invitations. If you believe in making your invitations yourself, get one of those DIY wedding invitation kits that come with blank cards and all the other accessories that are required to make the invitations.
So send out those beautiful wedding invitations, and rest assured you will walk down the aisle with the biggest smile on your face, as your friends and family gather to wish you a happy married life.