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7 Amazing Coral Wedding Ideas to Get You Spliced in Style

7 Amazing Coral Wedding Ideas
For a modern bride-to-be, planning a themed wedding is all about careful planning, and managing the budget. Wedessence gives you 7 amazing coral wedding ideas that help you steer your theme wedding in the right direction.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
Listen up, Brides-to-be!
Regardless of the color scheme, don't give your guests a dress code to follow. Don't overdo it. Remember, the wedding pictures live on forever.
Every bride-to-be wishes for a fairytale wedding, regardless of what her budget is. And although planning and organizing a wedding is a huge task in itself, the first step towards getting everything organized is by choosing the color scheme. Coral happens to be 2014's hottest, and most popular hue for weddings. It has a vibrant and fresh appeal that can work wonders for your wedding. With an amicable mix of various other colors, we have put together 7 unique ideas that can work with coral.
7 Coral Wedding Themes
Possessing the sophistication, elegance, and freshness, coral is a wonderful hue to include in a spring or summer wedding. Take a look at these gorgeous ideas that will make your big day unforgettable.
Coral & Gold Wedding
Coral and Gold Save the Date Card
A postcard-style 'Save the Date' card with hints of coral and gold.
Coral and Gold Wedding Invitation
The wedding invitations are a great way to clue in your guests about the color theme.
Coral and Gold Wedding Decor
Coral and Gold Wedding Decoration
As coral comes in various shades, make sure that you know which hue you wish to go with. This will also help you select the complementing gold hues to perfect the theme. Also, for the reception, the lighting can add a lot to the ambiance and enhance the wedding colors. Place candles along the tables that are covered with coral tablecloths; it's an excellent way to decorate the venue.
Coral & Gray Wedding
Coral and Gray Save the Date Card
Send the card specifying the wedding date and location.
Coral and Gray Wedding Invitation
Work the color gray in such a way that it doesn't appear gloomy.
Coral and Gray Wedding Decor
Coral and Gray Wedding Decoration
The combination of coral and gray is awe-inspiring as the subtle gray won't let the bold coral to appear too harsh. Also, rather than constricting yourself to a single shade of coral and gray, feel free to style your wedding with various shades. It will brighten up your wedding, and give it a modern touch.
Coral & Green Wedding
Coral and Green Save the Date Card
To reduce extra expense, email your 'Save the Date' cards to family and friends.
Coral and Green Wedding Invitation
A simple wedding invitation with your choice of color scheme works with every budget.
Coral and Green Wedding Decor
Coral and Green Wedding Decoration
From the ceremony to the reception, there are so many elements to decorate. Make sure that you have a balance between the two colors, and aren't going overboard with either of it. Remember, the ceremony lasts less than an hour. So be wise and try not to spend a lot on over-the-top decorative items. Instead, you can use other elements such as candles, flowers, etc., to bring it all together.
Coral & Navy Blue Wedding
Coral and Navy Blue Save the Date Card
Don't feel stuck to the clichéd 'Save the Date' card ideas; do be creative!
Coral and Navy Blue Wedding Invitation
Always write the names of all guests whenever possible; it's much warmer and more welcoming.
Coral and Navy Blue Wedding Decor
Coral and Navy Blue Wedding Decoration
The combination of coral and navy blue is amazing for a garden wedding. These contrasting colors truly pop when paired together. For the bridesmaid dresses, even though your color scheme doesn't allow you to be flexible with the color, experiment with the necklines. Also, if you wish to add a vintage feel to your wedding, add a bit of antique gold to the centerpieces.
Coral & Pink Wedding
Coral and Pink Save the Date Card
Formal is for wedding invitations; these cards can be as quirky as you want.
Coral and Pink Wedding Invitation
Always give credit to the hosts; traditionally speaking, the bride's parents who will pay for the wedding expenses.
Coral and Pink Wedding Decor
Coral and Pink Wedding Decoration
Working with coral and pink can be disastrous, if you're not
careful. As these hues can appear quite similar to one another, you need to know where and how much to add. So, choose the decorations wisely and sparingly as you don't want to go overboard. Let white be a neutral shade that provides balance between the two dominant colors.
Coral & Turquoise Wedding
Coral and Turquoise Save the Date Card
Think outside the box; this showcases how fun a 'Save the Date' card can be.
Coral and Turquoise Wedding Invitation
To find customized text and colors for your invitations, seek help via online websites.
Coral and Turquoise Wedding Decor
Coral and Turquoise Wedding Decoration
The combination is oh-so-colorful, and risky if not done correctly. Coral and turquoise not only complement one another, but vie for your attention. With subtle additions, your entire wedding décor can be uplifted to a whole new level. Rather than wearing coral or turquoise bridesmaid dresses, have them drape shawls instead. Tie satin ribbons on the top table. Hang lanterns all around the venue.
Coral & White Wedding
Coral and White Save the Date Card
This 'Save the Date' card is sweet, romantic, and ticks all the check boxes.
Coral and White Wedding Invitation
A simple, yet elegant, wedding invitation is sometimes all that you need.
Coral and White Wedding Decor
Coral and White Wedding Decoration
Giving coral its well-deserved space, pairing it with white can give you more room to work the theme. Setting the mood for the event, you can choose various shades of coral wedding decorations here.
Once you've finalized a color theme, stick to it and don't compromise. Begin with the wedding stationery, and work your way to other sections of the wedding. And if you really want a particular style of décor, bridesmaids dresses, or any other element, do make it a point to make it happen. This is your wedding, and you have to call the shots.