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Average Cost of Bridal Bouquets

Average Cost of Bridal Bouquets

As you prepare to tie the nuptial knot and walk the aisle with the love of your life, the question of the average cost of bridal bouquets must have perturbed you a bit. Well, wedding flowers do add to the pomp and galore of the wedding. So, get going, and grasp in some information on the price you pay for bridal bouquets.
Azmin Taraporewala
Never would you be so concerned about the economic fluctuations that the bloom sector is enduring. You are eager and crave to discover which mind-boggling heights has this section of the societal panorama reached. After all, it contributes gravely to your wedding decor! Well, even a stock market crash has not delivered tremors like these in the depths of your gray cells. A wedding is as much a taxing event as it is an event that brings in wagons full of happiness. The most important ingredient that makes the wedding special is the decoration. Whether a gazebo or a pandal, weddings are incomplete without blooms to contribute to the beauty of the wedding decor. Another essential section, again related to the bloom sector, is the bouquet the bride carries along and tosses with ecstasy once the wedding is sanctified. Estimating an average cost of bridal bouquets is very important in order to plan and review the entire budget of the wedding.

Cost of Bridal Bouquets

You may well look at some of the bridal bouquet prices before making up your mind and nailing the one accompanying your wedding attire. Here are some estimates of the average cost of wedding flowers that you may incur. The bride's bouquet may range from $80 to $300 approximately. The bridesmaid's bouquets would cost $20 to $50 each. The toss bouquet for the reception ceremony would cost you around $30 to $60 on an average, and the flower girl bouquet may range between $20 to $60 approximately. Thus, you may be able to decipher that there is a considerable variation between the different costs of wedding flower bouquets. The average cost of bridal bouquets also depends on the availability of flowers and the total number of flower count needed for the bouquet fill. To strike a negotiable deal, you may as well consult your wedding florist in-charge, if he has any package deals to offer.

What Makes Bridal Bouquets Expensive

Several factors influence the cost of wedding flowers, and can make many prices inaccessible to couples on a strict wedding budget. The most common factors that affect wedding flower prices include:

Flower Types
Some flowers, such as carnations and daisies, are easily available and are so much more accessible. It is due to this factor that the choice of flowers makes a lot of difference to the budget of the flowers. Their ready availability makes these flowers less expensive. On the other hand, if you order exotic lilies or tropical blooms to adorn your wedding attire, you are in for a costly affair.

When the flowers you desire are not available because their season of growth has lapsed, the flowers need to be shipped from locations that have them in abundance. It is always better to opt for flowers that are seasonally vacant in order to be employed in the bouquet.

Flower Color
If you are utterly interested in matching your bouquet with that of the wedding colors, and are keen on exotic shades of flowers, and demand sync with every hue and shade of the wedding decor, you will have to pay a premium on the basic bridal bouquet cost.

Arrangement Size
The size of wedding floral arrangements has a tremendous impact on the final price of the bridal bouquet.

Arrangement Detail
The intricacy of the floral bouquets influence the final price. A simple bouquet is less expensive and can cost you around $80. However, when the bridal bouquet spells intricacy with a capital I, you should be prepared to shell out around $250. If you are keen on the exquisite ones, $350 would be the approximate price you would pay to have a multi-layered cascading bouquet with exotic floral.

Some florists charge a handsome fee for delivering flowers to the ceremony and reception sites. Elaborate arrangements add to the final floral fees.

Some Ideas to Cut down on Costs
  • A single bloom or very few blooms of a larger type of flowers may cut down the cost of the bouquet, as the arrangement that would be required would not be elaborate.
  • A bouquet that consists of just one or maximum two types of flower species could be resorted to, instead of blooms from multiple species.
  • A simple nosegay design could be preferred over an elaborate wired cascade.
  • Easily attainable baby's breath, ferns, or greenery, when added to a simple bouquet, could add an elegant dimension.
  • Choose a 'toss bouquet' design that is less expensive than larger bouquets.
  • Use different flowers that have similar colors to create a rich textural design.
  • You may cut down on the average cost of your blooms by opting for non-floral arrangements, such as silk bridal bouquets, instead of true blooms.
These were just a few suggestions that you could implement and a few factors that you could keep in mind to slash the cost you incur on bridal bouquets. By keeping the average cost of bridal bouquets into the picture, you are sure to make a wise yet beautiful decision on the floral front for your wedding!