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Bridal Accessories Checklist

Bridal Accessories Checklist to Note if Your Wedding Bells are On

With wedding bells ringing all the happiness and excitement for the bride, even a missed drop of pearl can stain perfection. So here is a bridal accessories checklist, that will keep all her accessory worries off the alter.
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
As the day for tying the knot comes closer, the excitement can keep a lot of butterflies making their rounds in the stomach. And if you are the bride-to-be, there is the whole breeze of love, excitement, and a weird feeling about the wedding day. Every girl has dreams about having the picture-perfect wedding that runs smoothly. Sure, the whole family along with friends have their own share of responsibilities for the wedding. But still the human cause of error rings a bell for the bride, specially when it comes to taking care of her accessories.
Being the bride, the most important thing is to look the best, and make sure all is in place and shining at its best. But with all your mind and attention scattered in every possible aspect of the marriage, and your heart busy feathering a happy married life, there is always space for forgetting a small but important something. So what would you do to keep up with the wedding daze, and also make sure all your accessories get pampered without being forgotten? Simple, just get a quick checklist of all that you plan to wear and accessorize for a perfect bridal look. To help you with this, we have made a checklist, specially for the bride. Glance through this simple piece of information on the bridal accessories checklist, as you weave a beautiful picture of your most awaited moment.
Checklist for Brides' Accessories
With a big event like marriage, it is evident that all the shopping for accessories will happen beforehand. To make sure you get all that will adorn you on the big day, it is wise to make a checklist. Scroll below to check all that will complete your look of a gorgeous bride.
Head Over Heels
For all that makes you look like a princess, you will need accessories that crown you with elegance. Make sure you choose pieces that will accentuate and complement your hairstyle and wedding gown.
  • Veil - this will give you a traditional bride's charm.
  • Bridal tiara - for the princess look.
  • Garland or flower rings - for a perfect floral theme or to match a floral style dress.
  • Bridal hair combs - to accentuate your hairstyle with the look of a tiara and the comfort of a headband.
Damsel in a Dress
Your wedding gown definitely makes the most important gem of the crown. Decide on the type of wedding gown will you flaunt. Be it a classy lace dress, ballroom dress, mermaid dress or a chic short wedding dress, among these bridal dresses make sure you opt for the one that makes a cherry on a cake. Other things needed on the dress code are listed.
  • Gloves - whether satin or lace, they sure make a classy and sophisticated look. Definitely important in Christian weddings.
  • Bridal garter - for a complete bridal trousseau.
  • Bridal lingerie - a beautiful gown sure needs to feel beautiful inside too.
  • Bridal stockings - opt for tights, suspenders or stockings that will complement your dress.
  • Bridal handkerchiefs - a small but important piece, just in times of help.
Pearls and Shine
It is your most loved piece of accessory. Yes, we are talking about wedding jewelry. Get the best of your gems and pearls to beautify you on your wedding day. The list of jewelry for the bride is mentioned.
  • Necklace - embrace a beautiful line of gems for a soft look.
  • Earrings - for accessorizing ears that charm all whispers and vows.
  • Ring - now that's the one precious piece, you never want to forget.
  • Bracelets and brooches - adds elegance and sparkle with a delicate and beautiful look.
Foot a Favor
When you walk down towards a new journey of life, it's the feet that feel most blessed. Get yourself a graceful touch with each step towards the aisle. Accessorize your feet with the list below.
  • Bridal shoes - walk with grace and charm with some elegant and classy shoes.
  • Bridal shoe clips - to enhance beauty on the shoes, get these pieces of jewelry.
  • Barefoot bride - in case you go bare on the feet, get some specially designed pieces of barefoot jewelry.
Carry Your World
With a complete attire that makes you the most beautiful bride, there are a few other things that a bride must have on her wedding day. Take a look at the list.
  • Handbag - a small purse or handbag can be your best friend to carry essentials, like makeup tools, camera, facial wipes, breath mints, etc.
  • Shawl - in case you happen to have a Christmas wedding, or in an air conditioned enclosure, the chill may sometimes get nasty. Keep a shawl, shrug or a stole handy, just in case.
  • Bridal bouquet - most of your bridesmaids would not want you to forget this. With a ceremony in the end, a bouquet is a must have.
  • Bridal vows - now you have been waiting for this moment since long, and the promises to be made, deserve thought. Your wedding vows, written on paper, sure need to be on the list.
The bridal accessories checklist may have many more inputs from your family and friends. With keeping all these compiled in a checklist, you are most unlikely to miss a perfect and mesmerizing bridal aura!
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