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Church Pew Decorations

Pew decorations are an integral aspect of decorations in a church wedding. This write-up gives a few interesting ways to decorate church pews.
Wedessence Staff
When it comes to decorating the church for a wedding, you certainly need to come up with innovative and creative ways to decorate the pews, which are the long benches. Generally, bows and flowers are used for decorating them. The beautiful bows not only add an aesthetic touch, but also serve another purpose. You can use different colored bows or tie them using tulle to indicate which rows are for the family, and which ones are for the guests. You can transform the simple-looking benches to a visual delight.
Decorating Church Pews
Your wedding is one of the most special day of your life, therefore, you must make all possible efforts to plan it in the best possible way. Beautiful flower arrangements, candles, laces, beads, and bows can surely make a great deal of difference to the ambiance. You can decorate the benches using bows and tulle. Here are some ideas for decorating the church benches.
Though many people are opting for colorful bows for decorating the pews, white bows look pristine, giving the wedding a traditional look. White signifies purity and always goes well with the sublime ambiance of the church. You can use satin or tulle for making them. You can use tulle swag to connect the bows at the aisle end of the benches. You can also decorate them with beads. White ribbons or tulle accented with beautiful flowers can make the church look very beautiful and inviting. You can attach white roses or chrysanthemum to the tulle. You can also use tulle to connect the bows, for indicating the benches that are reserved for the family. You can also use colorful ribbons and bows depending on your wedding theme or color scheme for your wedding.
Floral Arrangements
One of the best church pew decoration ideas is to use vibrant flowers. You can use mini carnations, hydrangea, roses, orchids, calla lilies, and a variety of stunningly beautiful flowers. Flowers such as mini carnations can be bunched together in a heart-shaped arrangement. Pomander flower balls hanging from the bench look absolutely stunning. You can either go for a bunch of one type of flowers or use different types of flowers as a part of floral decorations.
White or ivory tulle or satin bows and ribbons can be incorporated in the flower arrangements, which can then be attached to the benches using clips. If you are not too keen on using fresh flowers, you can also use silk flowers and satin ribbons to decorate the benches. Another great idea is to place flowers and greens in paper cones and hang these on the ends of the benches using organza or tulle. Make sure that the color of the cone blends well with the interiors of the church. Mini wreaths can also be used for decorating the benches. If you want to try out something different, then you could have beautiful floral arrangements hanging in small clay pots.
Bows made from tulle or ribbons, floral swags, fabric drapes, and beautiful flower arrangements will definitely create the right ambiance for your wedding. You can add your own personal touch by making these bows yourself.
White bows attached to the benches
bows and flowers for decorating the pews