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5 Exceptionally Thoughtful Do-it-yourself Wedding Invitations

Do-it-Yourself Wedding Invitations
The wedding card is the first impression of the wedding, the thing that gives the first glimpse of the grand affair, the first ever thing that invitees see of the wedding! So, naturally the wedding card does an enormous task of building anticipation and excitement.
Rita Putatunda
Let's face it, people get wedding invitations almost all round the year, but out of those invitations how many do you think they can actually recollect? Only a handful of them, that's because not all wedding cards are given a careful thought or they are done in a very slipshod manner. We are sure you want your wedding card to be one of those few cards that people would want to preserve or best, take inspiration from it! So, to make your card a memorable and unique one, we have got some really simple and easy do-it-yourself wedding invitations ideas.
Before getting down to doing your wedding invitations, make sure you are armed with the following tools:

• Scissors
• Paper cutters
• Shape cutters
• Bone folder
• Ruler
• Lace
• Thread
• Sewing needle
• Colored card stock
• Glue
Bedeck it with dainty lace
Don't we all just love anything that is garnished with a pretty lace? A lovely lace will inject your wedding invitation with alluring charm and will gush romance, just like the soon-to-be-married couple. There's no dearth of beautiful laces in the stationery stores, and so you can find yourself a nice lace trimming and glue it on a good textured or stylishly printed paper.
If you find overexcited strands sticking out from the lace trimming, then just prune them! Print the text on a colored paper and mount it on the base (printed paper) and bob's your uncle!
Keep it simple with a handmade paper
An attractive wedding invitation doesn't necessitate intricate detailing. With a little imaginative effort, you will be able to create a pleasing invitation card. Just wade through the handmade paper section in your local craft store and select a unique design and texture. Decide on the size and orientation of the card, back the handmade paper with a card stock and put a paper of text on it, and voila! You are sorted!
Work with layers
What if we told you that you could craft a fetching wedding invitation by just playing around with colorful and patterned art papers? Well, we don't know about you, but every time we browse through the paper section in the local craft stores, we feel weirdly elated. Okay, but you can definitely feel positively elated as you can create a visually pleasant invitation by just adhering them on one above the other in different sizes and even shapes and tada! You are done!
Stitch it up
Well, if you have a good grasp of the needle and thread (women are naturally invested with this ability) and if threading the needle doesn't make you want to throw the needle in frustration after several failed attempts and dance on it (and wind up getting yourself hurt), then this is a good option, we say. Just knowing how to do a simple zigzag stitch will help you make a simple and nice invitation.
You can use less-intricate shapes, paste them on to a paper, and sew them with an easy zig-zag stitch or stitch the text layer on to the card stock with a contrasting thread.
Spruce them it with shapes
If you have kids in the house, then they will galumphing with joy and more than happy to help you with stamping the shapes. You can create a nice motif using same or varied shapes, papers of different thicknesses, colors, patterns (imagine that you are in a craft class), and paste on a resplendent art paper (again it should be backed by a sturdy base of card stock). The result will be simply pretty!
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