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Groom's Wedding Toast

Groom's Wedding Toast

The toast given by the groom at the wedding usually revolves around the bride, and their future together. Read the Wedessence article for a quick glimpse as to what your toast should include.
Sheetal Mandora
At the reception, after everyone has delivered their speeches, it's time for you, Mr. Groom, to say a few words. All the family members, friends, and guests attending the wedding want to hear what the groom has to say about the big day, and the ones that are yet to be enjoyed with his beautiful bride. Expressing your feelings, and revealing your emotions to the world can be nerve-wrecking. But there's no need to panic just yet. You've got enough time on your hands (we are hoping you've started your research in advance), and this article is here to help.

The Toast, and All the Nitty-Gritty Details
  • First things first―pick up a pen and a paper to write down your initial thoughts.
  • Include information as to when the two of you meet, what were you thinking about, what was she wearing, or any other details that you have of her.
  • Keep the speech interesting by including fun, lively moments spent with your bride.
  • Share stories about the two of you while you were dating, or maybe from when the two of you went on a holiday.
  • Include her and your parents into the speech.
  • Talk about your bride's personality.
  • Have your best man listen to the speech before the ceremony.
  • Don't keep 'you' in the limelight; it's basically all about the bride.
  • You don't need a knockout wedding speech. Whatever you say, it will be from the heart, and that's what she will appreciate the most.
Raise your glass and tap on it lightly to get the guests' attention.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, friends and family. On behalf of (bride's name) and myself, I'd like to welcome you all to our reception. We really appreciate you all coming here, and giving us the opportunity to spend this day with you all. Now that I have everyone's attention, I wanted to share the story of how (bride's name) and I met for the first time...

Briefly speak about your first date or the moment when you first saw her. Give as many details as you like, but do keep it interesting.

Next you can thank your parents (bride and groom), the rest of the family, and your friends for attending the wedding. Tell everyone how lucky you are to have them in your lives, and how much you've appreciated their love and support all these years. Also, don't forget to include friends and family members who couldn't make it.

And now... let's concentrate on the bride.

Sweetheart, I won't say that I knew you were the one from the moment I lay eyes on you. I wish it was so, but I am glad that I didn't make any mistakes along the way. What I can say is that since you came in my life, there hasn't been a day that I didn't love you. I am truly blessed, and I'm so thankful that you said 'yes' to me. I was a complete wreck for a week after I decided to propose you; you can ask (a friend's name). He was there when I picked out the ring.

You are sweet, kind, gentle, honest; you took a big leap of faith in me when you married me today. And I promise that I will honor this trust till my last breath. I love you, not just from the bottom of my heart or the top of my heart, but my entire heart. With you, my life will always be a breath of fresh air and I can't wait to begin this wonderful journey.

Giving a good toast is all about being humble and polite. Using profanity and talking about your 'ex' are definitely off-limits. Just think about your beautiful wife and words will flow naturally.