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Post Wedding Brunch

Post Wedding Brunch

The wedding day is a special day for most, unfortunately though, it doesn't allow one to spend much time with family and other relations. In such a situation, a post wedding celebration like brunch is the perfect solution. So how about we take a look at a few ideas for it...
Komal Bakhru
So you're done with your big day. The wedding went off well and the only thing that is on everyone's mind, including yours, is some relaxation time. But what about the pre-wedding hustle and bustle which hardly allowed you much time to spend with your favorite people who traveled distances to be at your wedding... Doesn't it seem sad that you never even got the kind of time you would've liked with them, and now they'll be off in a few days, as will you on your honeymoon? Here's an idea... Bond with everyone over a brunch after the wedding. It's a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones, as well as thank them for their presence at your big day. But do you know how to go about planning this lovely gathering for your family and friends? If not, keep reading, and I'm sure you'll find a few useful tips that will make the event seem so much more sorted.

Brunch Etiquette & Ideas

The basic idea behind wanting to host a brunch after the wedding is to spend time with all those who were present for your wedding, but people you were unable to interact with, due to other commitments. It is also the perfect opportunity to relax and loosen up after months of all those wedding preparations. The laid-back atmosphere of a brunch after the wedding is the best way to fulfill this desire. So, what is the best way to go about planning this casual little reunion? Let's have a look...

Questions like who should I invite, who pays for the brunch etc., are common ones. Standard etiquette, if it may be called so, says that it is normally the parents of either the bride or the groom who host this intimate affair. That's no formal rule though. However, with changing trends, if the couple thinks they are in the position to pay for it, they could be the ones to host it too. In fact, it is a great way to thank everyone who blessed the joyous occasion of the wedding. Every so often, the hosts of an occasion like such can also be close friends of either one, bride or groom. Every now and again, it may be a combined effort of both their friends. As for the guests, it is normally very close family, friends, and guests from out of town. Depending on the location chosen, this is also the right moment to invite your trusted old housekeeper or caretaker / butler, etc., which in fact is a very kind gesture and one that will make them happy too. Other details that need to be kept in mind besides these are the location, the time, the menu, and the invitation. We'll take an individual look at each of them now...

Ideal Location

Your choice of location can be as casual as fancy as you desire it to be. As an absolute casual option you could use your own backyard, if it is large enough to entertain. If not, you could also consider the hotel that you're guests are put up at. A beautiful park, a chateau, a friendly diner... There are options galore for you to pick from. It would however be wise to keep it at a convenient location so that people do not feel too weary to get there, especially all the former festivities. More importantly, it should be a location that's easy to find and get to. Also, make sure the location has been finalized in good time so that other arrangements like decorations and the likes can be taken care of.

Invitation Wordings

The medium of communication you choose for the invitation is entirely up to you. Email, telephone, hand written note... It truly is your choice. But, after a beautiful wedding ceremony, you wouldn't want to come across as apathetic at the brunch, would you? A beautiful invite with some lovely wordings would be a great way to request everybody's presence. If you can't quite think of wording for these invitations, here are a few ideas to pick from...

Wording Sample # 1

It's finally summer, and we're ready to get outside...
Wear your big hat, white gloves,
And join us for tea and hors d'oeuvres out in the garden.

Day & Date
Hosted by: (Host Name)

Wording Sample # 2

We would like to shower the newly married couple with love,
We're throwing them a Post Wedding Celebration, and would appreciate your company.

Please join us on
Date & Time at Location

Host Name

Wording Sample # 3

Host Name

Request the pleasure of your company to celebrate and honor the newly weds.
Please join us on (Day & Date) for a casual brunch at (Location).

We look forward to seeing you.

*You could also mention the dress code since there could be people who would be unsure about that part.

Recommended Menu

Food choices are always crucial at such parties. You managed coming up with some fabulous wedding menu ideas, and now it's time to plan a brunch menu, so what do you do? First off, you make sure you know what time you would like the guests to be there. If it's closer to the earlier half of the day, breakfast food would be apt, whereas, if it's closer to noon, you could opt for a BBQ or maybe even a cocktail brunch. As a matter of convenience and the attempt to create a relaxed atmosphere, you could also do away with the finery for cutlery and crockery. Instead use high quality plastic ware. Getting back to the point, here are foods for you to choose from...

Menu Selection # 1: Breakfast Menu

Beverage / Drink Main course Sides
Coffee / Tea Omelets with various fillings Bagels/Donuts
Fruit Smoothie Waffles / Crepes Muffins
Fruit Juice Breakfast Casserole Sticky Bun

Menu Selection # 2: Cocktail Menu

Beverage / Drink Main course Dessert
Mimosa Mini Quiche with various fillings Angel Food Cake
Silverados Spiced up French Toast Creme Fraiche Blini
Punch Leek & Asparagus Frittata Apple / Walnut Pie

Menu Selection # 3: BBQ Menu

Beverage / Drink Main course Salads / Side
Beer Steak / Brisket Corn on the Cob
Martini HotDogs / Hamburgers Potato / Pasta Salad
Bloody Mary Grilled Chicken / Fish / Lamb Coleslaw / Bread Rolls

This was just a tiny list of options that you could turn to for your brunch menu. Also, none of these have been paired as combinations. Choose whatever suits your palette, or you could also get creative and improvise on the foods mentioned. The point of this brunch is to allow yourselves some easy time with family and friends, while playing good host simultaneously.

Once all the important details have been finalized, you can move on to other aspects. If you can't think of what I'm saying, here it is... A great way to economize when it comes to decor of the brunch location is to get creative with the decorations used at the wedding. You could very well re-use flowers, center-pieces and any other accessory that is still in good condition. Do not hesitate in doing so, because there is absolutely nothing miserly about indulging in this idea. You could also lighten the atmosphere further by playing some light music in the background, and basically just allow everyone present to have a good time, because at the end of the day, that is the real purpose of this post wedding celebration. So, hope you enjoy your big day, and the morning after.