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Printable Bridal Shower Games

Printable Bridal Shower Games

Making bridal showers a fun time is easy, with some exciting games for the guests. Get everyone involved in the games and do not forget to pamper the bride and make her evening a memorable one.
Mukta Gaikwad
Bridal showers are so much fun! It's probably the last time you'd meet your best friend, as a single woman. So you definitely want to make it special. You want to pamper her with attention and compliments and make her bridal shower a highly memorable one. The best way of going about it, is by getting everybody involved. Bridal shower games will get everybody's attention. A little silliness and frolic will be remembered by the bride-to-be for all her life. Printing out a few games on paper makes it easier for everyone to take part in the games.

Ice Breakers
Begin playing this game once everybody has arrived. This will make all of them comfortable and at ease. Play games like 'Tell Us Something About You', where every guest will have to write an interesting anecdote on the bride or the first time they met the bride. This way everyone will know everyone. Another fun game is 'Romantic Couples', which has the names of famous couples but only the first half. The better half will be a blank. The guest who gets maximum correct answers, wins the heart!

Bridal Dress
This is a fun game for a bridal shower. Divide the groups in a two or three groups. Give each group several rolls of toilet paper and pins. The group has to make a bridal dress using the toilet paper. Along with the dress, different accessories can also be made to give the dress a complete look. However, only toilet paper and pins can be used for the same.

Scrambled Words
Make a list of marriage associated words like husband, tuxedo, bridesmaid, groom, honeymoon, wedding, rings, etc. and scramble them up. Print them out on handouts and distribute them among the guests. Give them a couple of minutes to unscramble the words and the winner takes it all, with the maximum correct words.

* - Click anywhere on the table to print the table


















* - Scroll down to the end of the article to find the answers to the scramble.

You will need a long paper for this game. On the paper start off writing a line, which sounds like a poem, but about the wedding, bride and the groom. Pin the paper to a clipboard and pass it over to the next guest. The next guest will write the next line and fold the paper, such that the next guest is able to see only the line written by the previous guest and not the other before that. Pass the paper to all the guests. After all the guests have finished, the bridesmaid will read out the entire 'poem', which will make for a hilarious read.

Bridal Pictionary
Play it like the usual pictionary game. Print out the cards with items on them. Just make a small modification and print wedding related items, like, TV set, couch, home and things like that. Make 2 teams to play the game. The team that can figure out maximum items obviously wins the game.

How Well Do We Know The Bride
Print out a list of all the questions that you can ask the guests. Or you can even print out a list of bride related questions, regarding facts about her life and maybe even about her personal tastes, favorites, etc. The person who gets most of the answers right wins a prize from the bride.

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1. Which is her favorite color?
2. Which is her favorite movie?
3. Who is her favorite actor?
4. Who is her favorite actress?
5. What was her first job?
6. What is bride's shoe-size?
7. Which is her favorite book?
8. How did the bride and the groom meet?
9. What is the color of the bride's bathroom?
10. Which is her favorite dish?
11. Which flavor of ice cream does she like?
12. Which is her favorite television show?
13. What is the bride's hobby?
14. Which is the bride's dream honeymoon destination?
15. In which city and state was the bride born?
16. Which was the bride's first car?
17. How many tattoos does the bride have? Which is her favorite tattoo?
18. What would the bride prefer to shop for - shoes or handbags?
19. Which game does the bride follow?
20. Is the bride a dog's person or a cat's person?

Advice For The Bride
This can be extremely funny. Cut out small heart-shaped cards. And print them with funny advises like 'don't go to bed with a mad head', 'don't let the florist catch the bouquet' and other such advises. The one that makes the bride laugh the most will get the prize!

* - Answer to the scramble. → Veil, gown, kiss, oath, cakes, rings, aisle, dance, groom, bride, toast, romance, ceremony, bestman, bouquet, reception, engagement, honeymoon, invitation, bridesmaid

Make the evening of the bridal shower a warm and entertaining one. There is a plethora of free printable games available online which will save you time and expense. See to it that all invitations are sent out in advance. Print out enough copies of these games and let the party begin!