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Small Wedding Checklist

Ultimate Wedding Checklist of Small Things You Might Tend to Forget

No matter if you decide to have a big bash on your wedding or choose to keep it simple with only a few family members and friends attending it, you got to have a plan ready for preparations. Here is a small wedding checklist that should help you.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
If you thought planning and preparation is required only for grand weddings with lavish receptions, then you are wrong! Small weddings do demand a fair amount of planning and organizing, if not more. The first thing to consider while planning a small wedding is a budget. A budget enables you to decide what kind of venue you can afford, how many guests to invite and how to arrange for food. Once these three constraints are taken care of, rest of the wedding planning sails pretty smoothly. Wedding preparations for small weddings should begin at least 6 months before the event. Here is a printable wedding planning checklist for planning a small wedding.

Checklist for Planning a Small Wedding

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Small Wedding Checklist
6 Months Before
Decide the type of wedding you want.
Appoint a minister to supervise the ceremony.
Decide a venue.
Make a rough guest list.
Select your bridesmaids.
Book your honeymoon destination.
Choose a wedding photographer, videographer.
Make a final guest list.
Send save the date cards.
Shop for your wedding dress, accessories etc.
Choose a day for bridesmaids' dresses trials.
Ask for quotes from catering services (optional).
3 Months Before
Shop for wedding invitation cards.
Send wedding invitation cards.
Place an order for wedding cake.
Book makeup artists, stylist.
Start beauty treatments (if any).
Final dress trials for bridesmaids.
Complete the procedure for obtaining a marriage license.
Choose wedding bands.
Book professional decorators (optional).
Book wedding music band (optional).
Start sprucing up the venue if getting married at home.
Place an order for tables, chairs at hire shops.
Make reservations at a local restaurant for your wedding guests (for very small gatherings).
Finalize the caterers and decide the menu.
1 Week Before
Make the final headcount of wedding guests.
Begin decoration if getting married at home.
Go through wedding checklist to make sure everything is in order.
Wrap presents for groom and groom's party.
Pack your bags.
Shop for food ingredients, if preparing at home.
Install lighting, sound system.
Get the seating arrangement in place for the big day (optional).
Supervise decoration and other wedding preparation.
Go for facials, manicures, pedicures.
Have a backup plan ready, should the weather play a spoilsport.
With such detailed planning you will encounter far less problems than if you were to proceed unplanned. If possible, get an aide to help you with the preparations as planning for a small wedding is a huge task with no help at hand. A close friend or a sibling can take responsibility of some of the preparation work. You can even assign smaller tasks to friends and family, so that the workload gets divided.

A small wedding allows you to experience your wedding in real sense. You can feel more comfortable and stress free in the company of only closed associates. Besides, even if anything goes wrong, these people are least likely to make a big deal out of it. Thus, you can be totally relieved and happy on the most important day of your life.
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