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Spanish Wedding Traditions You Didn't Know About

Spanish Wedding Traditions
Spanish wedding is famous as festival weddings all over the globe. Spanish traditions have many variations and influences because it's a nation of different regions. Spanish weddings are truly special. If you are looking for information on Spanish dream wedding, then this article will surely help you out.
Asmii Vernekar
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
In any country, wedding traditions are greatly influenced by the cultural heritage of that nation. Spanish weddings too, have very colorful events filled with customs and traditions. There have been many changes with time but yet, it has managed to keep the traditions intact. A person who has witnessed Spanish weddings is bound to be entranced by the exclusive wedding customs.
Different Traditions of Spanish Wedding
The wedding traditions differ with each area due to the fact that different regions have their own unique traditions.
Gold Coins
According to a unique custom of Spanish wedding, the groom presents thirteen Arras or gold coins to the bride in a special box. These coins are blessed from the priest that represents Jesus and the twelve Apostles. The groom exchanges these coins that symbolizes his commitment towards his bride and a promise to support her financially as well as in other terms. Later on, these coins are preserved as family heritage.
Wedding Rings
Wedding rings
As usual, in all weddings the bride and the groom exchange wedding rings. In Spain, the wedding ring is worn by the couples on the right hand.
Orange Blossoms
Although, many brides tend to choose white flowers, the brides in Spain prefer orange blossoms for decoration. The orange blossoms have marvelous fragrance and they represent joy and happiness for the couple. They also symbolize fertility.
Bridal Gown
Spanish bridal gown
In Spanish weddings, brides prefer to wear black dresses made of silk, accompanied by beautiful lace mantilla veil. But in recent times, the brides wears white wedding gown. The other materials used for making gowns are taffeta, organza chiffon, tulle, etc. Also, wedding gowns are designed by beautiful diamante, beading and exquisite embroideries. The bride embroiders a shirt for the groom, which he wears during the wedding. Spanish bride wears a bridal jewelry known as earrings with pizazz.
Bridal Escort
Spanish father escorting bride
In Spanish wedding, the bride's father accompanies as escort and makes sure that the groom does not see the bride. The groom is escorted by his mother to the church for the wedding.
Wedding Ceremony
Usually, 200 to 300 guests are expected in a Spanish wedding. Spanish wedding ceremonies are held in the early evening and the celebrations go on till early hours of the next day. Once the couple exchange their wedding vows, they are wrapped with a rosary. This ceremony is known as 'Lasso'. It is a mark of protection and is sacred for the union.
Wedding Dance
Spanish wedding ceremony is incomplete without the traditional dance named 'seguidillas manchegas' by couple and the guests. It is also common practice to have a live band perform at the wedding.
Wedding Dinner
Spanish paella
The wedding dinner is pretty late in Spanish weddings where delicious Spanish dishes are served. Sea food is served as main course in Spanish weddings and it also includes local delicacies such as paella. A rich wedding cake, filled with almonds and fruits is served as dessert. Also, sangria and local wines are served till you are full.
Wedding Reception
Spanish couple outside a church
Once the newly married couple comes out of the church, loud firecrackers are burst. It is a delight to watch wedding fireworks and highly entertaining wedding celebration. Also, flower petals and rice is traditionally used in Spanish weddings. At the wedding reception in traditional Spanish weddings, the table is set for 6 members only i.e. the groom, the bride and their parents. Unlike other wedding ceremonies, there are no wedding speeches given in Spanish weddings.
Other Traditions of Spanish Wedding
Another custom is 'banquete de bodas' (wedding reception/feast), where the couples move to each table, distributing personally to each guest, a basket with small wedding favors. The men are offered a cigar or a mini-bottle of wine and the women are usually offered something that smells good. And later, it is the turn of guests to hand over the wedding gift to the newlywed couples that is money in envelopes known as 'sobres'.
Another custom is still practiced in Spanish weddings where the groom's friends cut the groom's tie into pieces and auction it off for good luck.
The bride, on the other hand, tosses out her bouquet to the unmarried women and it is believed that whoever catches it, is soon to get married.
The bride also gives small pins, to be worn upside down, to the unmarried ladies during the ceremony. According to Spanish wedding customs, it is believed that if the pin is lost during the reception, the lady is going to get married soon.
If you are thinking about tying the knot, then I am sure this article will help you make the right choice. You will have the most exciting time of your life by getting married the Spanish way. So, what are you waiting for, start planning for your dream wedding in traditional Spanish style.
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