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Stunning Ideas for a Steampunk Wedding

Stunning Ideas for a Steampunk Wedding
A steampunk wedding is beautiful, unique, and quirky too. Planning one becomes an easy task as this Wedessence article enlists some stunning ideas for a Steampunk-themed wedding.
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: May 3, 2018
Color Palette
The best part of a steampunk wedding is that you don't have to stick to conventional colors. Metallic and earthy tones like gold, brown, and beige best complement the steampunk theme. You could opt for red, green, or blue too!
That special day in your life has to be unparalleled in every aspect. When futuristic science funk  meets the elegant Victorian  era, the result is breathtakingly amazing. Absolutely stylish, unique, beautiful, with a little quirk, a steampunk wedding is grandeur personified.
The most interesting aspect of a steampunk wedding is the planning! Yes, here's your chance to involve your friends and family, and give your wedding a personal touch. Right from collecting vintage steampunk pieces for the decor, to picking up funky hats with goggles for the groom, the entire process is fun.
As you start preparing for the big day, check out some stunning ideas for your steampunk wedding in this Wedessence article. Right from the dress to the cake, and from the decor to the invitations, we have everything sorted out for you.
'Save-the-date' Cards
Wedding Card
Your save-the-date cards can have some steampunk elements to jazz them up a bit.
Wedding Card
You can even involve your friends and family to make DIY cards. Make sure that your cards reach the guests a few months in advance.
Wedding Invitations
Wedding Card
You have a lot of options; some really off-beat ones that you could try on your invitations. The invitations can mention something like "steampunk costumes encouraged". This will give your guests a chance to feel a part of the wedding.
Wedding Card
Your theme should be visible in your invitation card.
The Bride
The Bride
Women can choose from options like Victorian dresses, flowing gowns, corsets, and long-sleeved dresses. Funky lace hats can be worn. There is no need to stick to white; you can wear dark colors as well.
Steampunk accessories
Steampunk accessories will instantly jazz up your look. Start collecting some vintage clocks, machine-style pendants, elegant Victorian pieces, or some funky futuristic ones, as soon as you decide on the theme. You can find some interesting accessories online.
Footwear for Steampunk wedding
Ahh shoes! You can wear heels, sandals, peep toes, or just any footwear of your choice. Remember one thing; they should be funky and have some cool metallic elements.
The Groom
The Groom
Steampunk weddings give ample scope for the groom to be stylish and experiment with his looks. The groom can wear stylish suits, waistcoats, or suspenders. Steampunk hats with goggles and wheel or clock cufflinks, tie pins or boutonnieres go perfectly well with the theme.
A funky hat with goggles and Pocket watch
A funky hat with goggles is an absolute must for the groom. A pocket watch can also be used.
Here's another chance for the groom to splurge. There's no need to wear those formal black shoes. Experiment with colors, materials, and styles in your footwear too.
The Bouquet
The bride can use metallic or bronze roses, with a vintage wheel or some other element in the bouquet. The groom can sport a wheel or clock boutonnieres.
The Rings
Steampunk rings are literally wow. They can be totally quirky or astounding. You can choose an out-and-out steampunk ring like the one shown in the image or just include a single aspect like a small wheel.
The Cake
The wedding cake can be a chocolate cake with delicious edible wheels or clocks on it. If you want a white cake, you can put a cute robot couple on top of it.
The desserts and cupcakes can be decorated in multiple ways. Get creative and experiment with all you like!
The Groomsmen
The Groomsmen
The bridesmaids can wear matching steampunk hats or corsets. Similarly, the groomsmen can opt for funky hats too. They can also experiment by adding a steampunk element on their boutonnieres, cuffs, or ties.
Wedding Decorations
Wedding Decorations
Include different shades of golden to give a metallic feel to the wedding decorations. You can make customized table cards with wheels and keep vintage clocks on the tables.
The centerpieces should look Victorian or futuristic; the choice is yours. Metallic flowers, large clocks, keys, and rustic wall hangings make excellent decor items.
Welcome Board
A beautiful welcome board will instantly make your guests feel funky, I mean punky!
The Guestbook
The Guestbook
The guest book should have an old and weary charm to it. Include some props on the table for a rustic look.