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8 Cool and Fun-filled Trivia Games to Play at a Wedding Reception

Trivia Games to Play at a Wedding Reception
The ceremony is done. The newlyweds look smashing. There are happy faces all over. But wait ... The reception remains! And so remains the time to have fun. Wedessence has got you some interesting trivia games to be played at wedding receptions for getting the guests get amused, and making your day, a little more special!
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
For preparing Wedding Trivia questions, take inspiration from baby showers, bridal parties, and gender reveal parties.
The ceremony is over. Photographs are being taken. You hear slow music in the background. The guests are waiting for the meals to get served. Well, this is the same old story that happens in every wedding reception. So, what can be done to bring a bit of change, you ask. Trivia games is the way to go. Who says games are apt for baby showers and bridal parties only? Haven't you noticed the hesitation among the guests at the wedding reception parties? No wonder, you individually know them all. Also, there may be people who are close to you or your family but not to the significant other one. Playing trivia games at wedding receptions is a great way for them to mingle with each other, and at the same time, enjoy the reception party.

Prepare trivia questions ahead of time, and have the MC announce the rules of these games; read aloud couple trivia questions, or make the guests answer the wedding trivia questions for bride and groom. Keep creative prizes and cocktails to encourage their enthusiasm. Play these hilarious couple trivia games and get your families laughing.
Trivia Games for a Wedding
Take the centerpiece home!
Cocktail hour is the best time for guests to mingle. Some know the couple individually, some know them as a couple, but each one has a chemistry with the newlyweds, and not necessarily with each other. So let's lighten their awkwardness and get them to the play together.
Pass out a sheet of trivia questions on each table for each guest. Asks your guests to answer these couple trivia questions and disclose the answers in the cocktail hour with Antipasto skewers. The one who gets all the answers right would take home the centerpieces of their table.
Trivia-naire for Guests:
Where did the bride and groom first meet?
How long they have been dating each other?
How many kids do the couple wish to have?
How many people are invited to the wedding reception?
What is their favorite vacation spot?
What did the couple do on their first date?
As a couple, which is their favorite song?
Who asked whom out first, Mary or John?
How many inches taller is the groom from the bride?
What do Mary and John do together every morning?
Where is the couple heading for their honeymoon?
Snap Sizzler
Now this is a visual trivia. Arrange a projector, make a PowerPoint slide show with trivia questions based on photographs. Post pictures of special occasions and venues on the slide, and make the guests answer the questions. Some sample questions could be like―Show the picture of the couple's favorite vacation destination, and ask the guests to guess which spot it is; display a childhood picture of the couple and let them guess the age, etc.
The Shoe Game
This can be called a classic wedding trivia game, 'cause apparently this game has created a hullabaloo in the ceremony world. The bride and groom are made to sit with their backs to each other, placed in the area where all the guests can see and enjoy the fun. They remove their shoes and exchange one with each other.
So now, each one has one bride's shoe and one groom's shoe. Then the MC (Master of Ceremonies) asks a series of questions related to the couple, where the answer can be either the bride or the groom. The couple would answer by holding the corresponding shoe, and the fun part is that they are not able to see what the other one is answering!
Sample Questions:
Who is more romantic?
Who sings in the shower?
For whom was it love at first sight?
Who takes longer to dress up?
Who is humorous out of the two?
Who is a bigger flirt?
Who will have control over the TV remote control?
Who spends more time on networking sites?
Who is messier?
Who forgets birthdays and special events?
Variation to the Shoe Game - The 'Who' Game
This wedding trivia game requires the participation of the entire wedding party, and can be considered a variation to the shoe game. Two teams are formed―men and women. Each person playing gets two signs: 'Bride' and 'Groom'. Prepare a list of 'who' questions, and have the crowd answer them by raising the applicable sign. This can get include some notorious, some humorous questions. Well, all the questions mentioned in the Shoe game can be included in this one too.
Other Sample Questions:
Who snores the loudest?
Who'll be the one to say "Not Tonight!"?
Who is good at keeping secrets?
Who takes longer in the shower?
Who will be more gamey in bed?
How Many Kisses Can You Take?
This is a chocolaty game. Get a box of Hershey's Kisses. Have the bride pile on as many Kisses as she can onto the groom. The deal is she can place the Kisses wherever she wants, but is not allowed to drop any of them.
The groom has to balance the Kisses, without letting them fall. This game is sure to unveil the chemistry between the two. Guests can cheer the bride while she does the piling job. Have the guests guess the number of Kisses with the groom. The one with the closest guess, wins Kisses.
Peel. Stick. Kiss.
Get a cartoon version drawn of the married couple, or you could enlarge their full body pictures. Get stickers with kisses, and number them on their backing, and correspondingly let the guests have their numbers.
The trivia for the guests is to find out where do the newlyweds want their first kiss to be? Have the couple answer it beforehand on a secret paper. Let the guests approach the picture and place the sticker. The one with the closest sticker comes out to be the winner. Make sure to have the couple demonstrate the winning answer.
This game needs prior planning. In the invitation cards, along with their RSVP, ask the guests to give an interesting fact about themselves. Collate these facts into Bingo cards. In the cocktail hour, bring on the Bingo game, and have everyone map the facts to the guests. The first two guests to get a Bingo wins a prize. You can also play something like the 20-questions game by putting anonymous facts on each table. Mix up the tables and shuffle the guests' seats.