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How to Decorate a Wedding Arch with Flowers

How to Decorate a Wedding Arch with Flowers

Wedding arches with flowers make any wedding look glamorous. See how you can decorate an arch with various flowers and other materials in this article...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Flowers are a very common, very natural way to decorate a venue for weddings. With colorful flowers available all yearlong, it's no surprise every bride-to-be chooses to include fragrant flowers into her wedding. They are inexpensive (depending on which flowers you choose), easily available, and can be used for decorating any place. Although everyone's eyes are already drawn towards the bride-to-be, these decorative flowers create a beautiful ambiance for the ceremony.

One of the most common place to use floral wedding decorations is for an arch. Underneath this arch, the bride and the groom unite 'till death do they part'. Whether your venue is a church, on the beach, near a lake, or your backyard, we'll show you how you can use various wedding flowers to decorate an arch and other wedding arch decoration ideas.
Decorate the Arch
For the big day, the arch has been purchased already. However, it's plain and empty; without any decorations of any kind. The first thing that comes to your mind is different types of exotic flowers. But that might be expensive and throw your budget out in the air.

There's no need to worry. You can create romantic wedding arches that doesn't ruffle up your calculations. Whether you're planning a wedding on a budget or going all out, you have to have a gorgeous wedding arch. And you can do so with few simple materials and a little bit of creativity.
Materials Required
  • 12 yards of white 2½" wide ribbon
  • 8 stems pink open roses
  • 8 fern stems
  • 8 stems grass
  • 6 stems purple hydrangeas
  • 6 stems green baby's breath
  • 4 stems stephanotis
  • 4 stems purple lilacs
  • 4 pink rose bushes w/o stems
  • 3 ivy garlands
  • 2 stems purple delphiniums
  • 3 yards of green sheer 7/8" wide ribbon
  • 2 yards of pink sheer 7/8" wide ribbon
  • 2 yards of ¼" wide pink satin ribbon
  • 2 stem peach blossoms
  • 2 stems white prunus blossoms
  • 1 yard of pink tulle netting
  • 1 2/3 yards of white tulle netting
  • 1 stem white hydrangea
  • 1 stem large queen size white rose
  • 1 wisteria garland
  • To secure the flowers on the arch, you'll need floral wire, floral tape, wire cutters, and scissors for the job.
  • First of all, we'll make 2 bouquets to secure together. Take artificial grass, ferns, and the ivy garland together to place at least half of the materials you have over them. However, keep the large rose and hydrangeas on one side.
  • Arrange the flowers in such a way that it uses up half of your arch. Take floral wire to secure everything properly. You can also use floral tape to place them over the wire and hide it.
  • Now take half of the 12 yards white ribbon, and tie a knot from one end over the stems of the bouquet. And with the pink and green (you can use any different colors depending on your wedding theme), tie a knot at the bottom of the white ribbon. Following the same steps, you'll make another bouquet as well.
  • Now comes the pink and white tulle netting. Make 2 loops with both colors over the arch.
  • Take both bouquets and arrange them either together or at different ends of the arch.
  • Arrange the hydrangeas across the arch and place the large white rose in the center.
  • You can also arrange some more hydrangeas and tulle netting on both sides of the arch as well. Using various colors of tulle that compliments the flowers will enhance the look of the arch.
Design Ideas to Consider
Flowers for Different Themes and Seasons
Fall Wedding
Decorating arches with flowers for a fall wedding includes chrysanthemums, helenium, iris, bird of paradise, carnations, snowdrops, and amaryllis. These fall wedding flowers will add romance and elegance in your wedding ceremony.
Outdoor Wedding
A wedding in your backyard, near a lake, a park, or a secluded location can really add creativity to your wedding. While thinking of decoration ideas for outdoor weddings, keep in mind that nature will take care of the decoration by itself. If there are plants with flowers at the venue, you can decorate the arch with some ferns and branches instead.
Beach Wedding
For a beach wedding, you can go with astrantias, giant roses, muscari, or some tropical wedding flowers. You can also use white and beige tulle netting to complete the look.
Christmas Wedding
You can play with a mix of vibrant colors like red, green, orange, or pink. If you want, you can go for the lighter tones like shades of your favorite colors. Use poinsettias, white lights, fir branches, and small ornaments to create the setting.
Decorating wedding arches is not a tough job. But if you feel that you can't think of anymore ideas, ask your maid-of-honor and family members to help you out. Go online and search for images for various wedding arches. Get their prints so you can easily shop for the flowers you wish to include in your arch.