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24 Beatles Wedding Songs Worth Playing

24 Beatles Wedding Songs Worth Playing
Every Beatle-maniac wants his wedding music to feature all the timeless classics of the Fab Four. But let's say you're not a crazy fan, and are looking to create a list of the best Beatles songs for your wedding ceremony, then this Wedessence post is what you should be reading.
Renuka Savant
Romantic, much?
The Beatles released their uber romantic track, Something in 1969. Over 40 years and several cover versions later, this number ranks among the most popular songs played at weddings. Frank Sinatra did a cover of Something not once, but twice, calling it "the greatest love song of the past 50 years."
The music of The Beatles certainly needs no introduction. Well, frankly, how many superlatives can a poor writer use before it begins to sound more like an epic letter by a crazy fan?

Which is why it's better to get straight to the point. We've got a list of the best, the sweetest, and the most romantic Beatles tracks to play at your wedding, be it the actual ceremony or your first dance.
Beatles Songs to Play at Your Wedding
In case you're having trouble sorting out your Beatles playlist, we've taken the liberty to make suggestions regarding when you can play a particular number. Take these cues and make your decision.
All You Need Is Love
Processional | Recessional | First Dance

If you've seen Love Actually, you've got to remember how amazing this song sounds when played during Juliet and Peter's wedding―and they didn't even use the original version! This song is a certified Beatles classic, and ought to top your wedding playlist.
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Cake Cutting | Dance Party

The sweet innocence of this song is sure to put you in the mood to dance with your beloved. What's more, it will also lend a peppy infectiousness to the congregation in general, and you'll have people of all ages stepping on to the dance floor.
Two Of Us
Recessional | First Dance

It's safe to assume that since you're getting married, you share a deep bond with your loved one. Well, if you're looking for a song that mirrors your feelings, play Two Of Us during your first dance. Paul McCartney dedicated this song to his wife, Linda, and that should tell you something.
First Dance

We've already waxed eloquent about the many virtues of this incredibly romantic song penned by George Harrison. The only downside is that your bride can get a little misty-eyed once this song starts playing, which may then elicit a collective "aww" from all those present. Well, not really a downside, is it?
And I Love Her

All you sappy romantics tying the knot, here's a song that can be your anthem. Grooms-to-be, imagine your bride walking towards you while this song is playing, and imagine the look on her face if you spring this as a surprise. That'll be one look you'll never forget.
Here Comes The Sun
Processional | Reception Entrance

This song always creates a warm, loving atmosphere whenever and wherever it is played. The number's inherent positivity makes it perfect to play when the couple makes an entrance at their reception, or even as a processional song.
I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
Father-Daughter Dance

This endearing song will be the perfect backdrop for a teary-eyed father-daughter dance. Just listen to the lyrics― If somebody tries to take my place/Let's pretend we just can't see his face/In this world there's nothing I would rather do/Cos I'm happy just to dance with you. Aren't we right about the teary eyes?
In My Life
Mother-Son Dance

This emotional song encapsulates the bonding shared by people who love each other deeply. Mothers and sons share a similar relationship, which makes this a perfect song to play when the groom and his mother step on to the dance floor.
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Dance Party | Cocktails

This is one song that will have your guests up on their feet in no time. There's a rather happy vibe to this number, which enlivens the atmosphere whenever it plays. Bonus points if you're planning a sixties-themed wedding.
A Hard Day's Night
Final Song

Who doesn't love this smash hit from 1964? And you've got to admit, playing this as the last song is kind of ironic and cheeky at the same time, much like in true Beatles style. A fitting number to round up a wonderful day, we say.
Want More Suggestions?
Based on their phenomenal popularity, there are many more songs by The Beatles, which you can incorporate in your wedding play list. We've sorted them out for you.
Penny Lane
Dance Party | Cocktails

This epic Beatles number makes a fine addition to your post-ceremony celebrations. It is suitable to play the song during the dinner/lunch or reception time.
Love Me Do
Reception Entrance

Peppy and joyful, this sweet romantic track will take your entrance to a whole new level. You can also play it during your dance party.
Got to Get You Into my Life
Reception Entrance

The Beatles and romance make a formidable combination, as is proven by this delightful song. Play it during your grand entrance or during cocktail hour; it's sure to be a hit.
Take Good Care of My Baby
Father-Daughter Dance

Doesn't the title say it all? This is a nice song to play for a father-daughter dance, and you can even have it play in the background during lunch or dinner.
All My Loving

Although this song is a bit sad, it will find favor with hardcore Beatles fans. Think you are one too? Include this song in your playlist.
Here, There and Everywhere
First Dance

Oh, 'epic' is the only word to describe this song; you'll know if you've heard this before. It is an amazing song to play during your first dance as a married couple.
When I'm Sixty-Four

This lovely song talks about true love and aging together. If you think this describes you as a couple, use it as a perfect recessional song.
From Me to You
First Dance

A beautiful song with a personal message, From Me To You will make your wedding party swoon, especially if you play it as your first dance song.
Till There Was You
Slow Dancing

It doesn't matter if you don't use this as your first dance song; just make sure that it features in your playlist because this sweet number is a delight to slow-dance to.
Twist And Shout
Dance Party

Do we really need to tell you why this song should play during your dance party? Well, it's super peppy and very dance-worthy. Listen to it if you haven't already.
With A Little Help From My Friends
Last Song

This song can thank your friends, best man, bridesmaids, and everyone you cherish in one go. Make sure you announce the dedication to your friends before the song plays.
Eight Days A Week
Cocktails | Reception

This saccharine number is used by many as a dance song for couples―you can do the same too. Or, simply have it play during cocktail hour.
I Wanna Be Your Man
Dance Party

Dance to this song during your party or play it during cocktails. It's a bit OTT, but a fun number nevertheless.
Oh! Darling
Dinner | Cocktails

This song is a little intense, but rather pure in spirit. It adds to the romantic mood at weddings, so you can always have it play in the background during cocktails or dinner.