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Wedding Day Emergency Kit for Groom

Wedding Day Emergency Kit for Groom

Just as bridesmaids tend to the bride's requests till she walks down the aisle, a groom too requires some special attention for the big day. Wedessence has compiled a detailed DIY wedding day emergency kit checklist which will come in handy for the groom.
Sheetal Mandora
"Bachelors have consciences, married men have wives."
― Samuel Johnson
Brides-to-be get pampered and grab attention all the time, starting from engagement announcements till the wedding reception. Her maid of honor, bridesmaids, family members, friends; basically, everyone offers to help with the wedding plans any way they can.

Well, truth be told, even grooms require attention while getting ready for the wedding. Of course, the best man and groomsmen do take care of each and everything he may need, there is one way to ensure a stress-free wedding. A wedding day emergency kit designed specifically for the groom is a smart thought that can save a lot of running around. Given below is a printable checklist to help you pack the kit without forgetting the necessary items.

Groom's Wedding Day Survival Kit

Regardless of who puts this kit together―groom, best man, bride-to-be―it is necessary that the selection of items are aimed towards making the groom feel comfortable. When he has less things to worry about, he'll be more relaxed and be able to enjoy his own wedding day.

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Hand sanitizer Boutonnière pins
Shaving kit Hair brush
Toothbrush Black socks
Toothpaste Underwear
Dental floss Static-cling spray
Breath mints Lint brush
Lip balm Sewing kit
Face wipes Shirt buttons
Deodorant Handkerchief
Travel-size cologne Cufflinks
Q-tips Travel-size iron
Eye mask Shoe polish
Nail clipper Ties
Emery board Shoe shine wipes
BAND-AIDs Sunglasses
Aspirin Cash
Contact lens solution/case Disposable camera
Eye drops Umbrella
Energy drinks and bars Flashlight
Bottled water 
Mini liquor bottle Printables

We know that the list is quite long, but we're hoping that you won't be needing all the items given above. Depending on the time and venue of the wedding, there can be certain items that can be excluded. If that were to happen, you'll have to pack a huge bag just for a day. So, plan according to your needs for the wedding, and have a joyous day.