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Breathtakingly Beautiful Ways to Decorate Arches for a Wedding

Decorating Arches for a Wedding
Bridal arches are very popular for indoor as well as outdoor weddings. You can decorate it yourself with the help of family and friends. Take a look at some options for decorating arches for a wedding.
Sybil T
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2018
There is something romantic about having your wedding ceremony under a beautifully decorated arch. Wedding arches, decorated the right way, can look exceedingly charming and elegant. Most people think that wedding arches are suitable only for an outdoor wedding. But these arches can also be incorporated in an indoor ceremony or reception. Flowers are one of the most commonly used items for decorating an arch. However, you can also use branches, balloons, pinwheels, tulle, streamers, strings of twinkling, fairy lights, and crystals for decorating an arch.
Tulle Wedding Arches
Using just fresh flowers for decorating bridal arches can turn out to be very expensive. Also, some flowers are delicate and will wilt in hot weather. So, a good idea is to decorate the arch with fabrics like tulle and organza. Such floaty fabrics are ideal for wedding decorations as they give a soft, romantic feel. You can also use shimmery chiffon or lace. To keep the bridal arch from looking too stark, add a few fresh or silk flowers.
Floral Wedding Arches
Flowers are perhaps the most popular choice for decorating bridal arches. You can choose from traditional options like roses, lilies, ranunculus, chrysanthemums, daisies, anemones, dahlias, and peonies. Or you can opt for exotic flowers like birds of paradise, parrot tulips, lily of the valley, and cymbidium orchids. However, keep in mind that exotic flowers will cost a lot more than traditional ones. If you have a white themed wedding ceremony, then a great idea is to choose white anthurium flowers for decorating the arch. Remember, not to skimp on the flowers, or the arch will look bare and shabby.
Green Wedding Arches
If you are on a budget, then you can create a bridal arch with the help of leaves and a few seasonal flowers. With the help of wire or floral netting, cover the bridal arch completely with green leaves, and add a few inexpensive seasonal flowers to give the arch a refined look. If you feel that the flowers will not stay fresh for long, you can use dried or silk flowers and faux ivy instead.
Ethereal Wedding Arches
If you are looking to create an ethereal and romantic vibe, then your wedding decoration should reflect that. A great idea is to loosely drape the bridal arch with gauzy material, and attach a few paper butterflies. You can also use seashells and starfish instead of butterflies. For a Hawaiian theme, use palm tree fronds and tulle with tropical flowers like lilies and heliconias on your arch. For a playful look, you can decorate the wedding arch with pinwheels and honeycomb garlands.
There are many ways of decorating wedding arches. Just remember to be resourceful and innovative, and don't forget to personalize your wedding decorations.
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