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Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer Wedding Flowers

Flowers are the most common and attractive part of wedding decorations, thus giving the wedding a ravishing appearance. Here in this write-up I present to you the most gorgeous summer wedding flowers that you could look for while decorating your venue.
Benhur Soans
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2018
"Wedding is a dream,
Of both poor and the cream.
An occasion embarking a start,
The union of two young hearts.

Everything around is gorgeous,
Even the flowers are conscious.
Looking prettier than always,
No compromises in any way.

All around - trees, birds, clouds
ready to applause
When the bride and the groom say
"I Do", "I Do", "I Do"!"

― Benhur A Soans
Flowers are one of the most essential elements of wedding decorations. They have a unique ability to refresh one's mind and add to the beauty of the decor.

Almost all, dream of a lavish wedding with exquisite guests, food, and to the top, the decorations. But are also wary about the expenses. And if you too are looking out for one on a budget, plan out your wedding in advance or hire a wedding planner who shall help you get a best yet less expensive wedding. Summer weddings are mostly held outdoors. Hence, bouquets and centerpieces consisting of beautiful and colorful flowers would make the wedding venue look extremely vibrant. Here are the flowers that are available in summer along with what each symbolize.
Summer wedding flowers album cover
Beautiful Summer Flowers
Some of the gorgeous flowers that you could opt for your wedding are presented in this album. All of these are selected considering its meaning, availability, and beauty.
Anemone collage
Anemone or Windflower
Symbolize: 'daughter of the wind', unfading or never-ending love and anticipation
Shades of: red, lavender-blue and white
Asters collage
Symbolize: star, patience, good luck, elegance, and daintiness
Shades of: blue, pink, red and white
Carnations collage
Symbolize: pride, admiration, innocence, and pure love
Shades of: red, white, yellow and green
Celosia or Cockscomb collage
Symbolize: humor and warmth
Shades of: orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow
Chrysanthemum collage
Symbolize: happiness and long life
Shades of: pink, lavender, red, white, and yellow
Columbine collage
Aquilegia, Granny's Bonnet or Columbine
Symbolize: 'Think of me' or 'Be mine', holiness, and anxious excitement
Shades of: white, pink, lavender, peach, blue, yellow and bicolors
Dahlias collage
Symbolize: dignity, submission, elegance
Shades of: white-orange, purple-white, red, pink-white, dark lavender, etc.(over 50,000)
Daisy collage
Symbolize: hope, purity, and innocence
Shades of: white, yellow, red, orange, purple, and many more. (single color)
Delphinium collage
Symbolize: boldness, ardent attachment, openhearted and, fun loving
Shades of: blueish-purple, pink, orange, white, and red
Forget-me-not collage
Symbolize: faithful love, memories, and remember me forever
Shades of: bright blue, red, and white
Freesia collage
Symbolize: innocence and thoughtfulness
Shades of: often found in yellow and pink colors, though hybrids are an exception
Geraniums collage
Geranium or Cranesbills
Symbolize: comfort, esteem, ingenuity, and true friendship
Shades of: white, pink, salmon, red, fuchsia, lavender, and bicolors
Gerberas collage
Symbolize: cheerfulness
Shades of: bright red, orange, white, and pink
Gypsophila collage
Gypsophila or Baby's breath or Million star
Symbolize: everlasting love, purity and innocence
Shades of: white-edged with either white or pink as its main color
Hydrangeas collage
Symbolize: heartfelt emotions and expression of gratitude for being understood
Shades of: blue to pink
Iris collage
Symbolize: even your friendship means a lot to me, faith, hope, wisdom and valor
Shades of: purple, pink and endless bicolors
Jacobs ladder collage
Polemonium or Jacob's ladder
Symbolize: ladder to heaven
Shades of: blue
Lily collage
Symbolize: chastity, purity, innocence, and majesty
Shades of: red, white, pink, lavender, peach, yellow, orange
Nigella collage
Nigella or Love-in-a-mist or Ragged lady
Symbolize: perplexity and delicacy
Shades of: blue
Orchid collage
Symbolize: love, beauty, and luxury
Shades of: white, pink, and purple
Peonies collage
Symbolize: beauty, romance, compassion, peace, and honor
Shades of: white, pink, and yellow
Queen Annes Lace collage
Queen Anne's lace or Wild carrot, Bird's nest, and Daucus carota
Symbolize: delicateness, purity, and passion
Shades of: white
Ranunculus collage
Symbolize: radiant charm and beautiful
Shades of: white and yellow
Roses collage
Symbolize: love, thankful, love at first sight, pure
Shades of: all possible shades and hybrid two-toned as well
Snapdragon collage
Symbolize: grace and strength
Shades of: yellow, white, red, orange, and multicolor
Succulents collage
Symbolize: friendship, luck, timeless love, and prosperity
Shades of: mint to green, subtle blue, and pink
Sunflower collage
Symbolize: warmth and grace
Shades of: yellow
Trillium collage
Trillium Grandiflorum or Trinity flower
Symbolize: think of me, be mine, and beauty
Shades of: purple, red, blue, and white
Viburnum collage
Symbolize: sensitiveness, friendship, and jubilation
Shades of: light pink and white
Zinnias collage
Symbolize: lasting love, goodness, daily remembrance
Shades of: red, pink, orange, yellow, purple, white or multicolor
Plan your wedding in summer and save on some money with these economic yet beautiful flowers. Its clever and innovative use will definitely leave your guests' jaws dropping, and their eyes boggling!