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Look Fly With These Outfits to Wear to a Wedding As a Guest

Outfits to Wear to a Wedding As a Guest
Getting an invitation to a wedding can invoke feelings of indifference (for some people). Cheer up! Just think about the part where you get to dress up and look better than on most days! Whether formal or casual, there's a great look you can flaunt as a guest in any kind of wedding.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
When it comes to wedding attire, you have to be particularly careful (as a guest) about how you choose an outfit - you'll just end up feeling uneasy and out-of-place if you don't give it a thought. The important thing to do, is to find out what kind of wedding it is; is it a formal, semi-formal, or casual one? You're wondering how you would classify each of these, right? It's simple.
Invitations usually have clues in the way they're designed and presented, of whether the wedding is going to be a conventional or unconventional celebration. A couple that will exchange vows in a church, are more likely to have a traditional, formal reception right after. You can tell from how the invitation is worded and the reception venue that is picked post the church arrangements. For couples who exchange their vows in an outdoor setting like in a backyard, park, or beach, you're sure to notice that the invitation is less formal in its entirety, using upbeat and even humorous wording.

Some couples will actually mention the code of attire, making things so much simpler for a guest. In cases where there is no indication, don't fret - just find out more about the couple and the details of the wedding, so that you know what you're in for. That way you can avoid an awkward wardrobe mishap without wondering how to slip away from the wedding unnoticed.
What to Wear to a Wedding As a Guest
Women usually have it bad when it comes to picking a dress - should it be in lilac or red? Long or short? A fitted tube dress or a strappy number? The dilemma for men is quite similar, except the choices they're presented with make it a tad easier. Nonetheless, both sexes need to gauge from the nature of the to-be-married couple (if you know them well), especially the invitation, for clues on what sort of wedding to expect. Let's take a look at some examples on what sort of ensemble to don, when attending a wedding.
For Women
Women's Formal Wear
For extremely formal weddings, gowns seem like an elegant, chic choice, especially for those who want to accentuate their curves. Others who want a slim facade, should find a gown that is well-fitted till below the bust line, with fabric left to flow in an empire-waist cut. Women look lovely in tube dresses with a sweetheart neckline, but if you're busty, we suggest wearing something a little less revealing by opting for a simple neckline that doesn't draw attention to your chest.
Semi-formal Affair
Short dresses are a go-to staple for any wedding that is sure to be a not-so-formal celebration. Garden, backyard, park, and any other open-air weddings, are the perfect setting for a semi-formal look. To get around easily without tripping over your gown, choose a short, sexy dress that falls just above the knees or lightly grazes your knees. Fitted, lightweight dresses (sans embellishments) - that don't need fussing over - can be paired with dramatic accouterments to amp your style quotient.
Casual Affair
Casual weddings are a laid-back celebration that usually have beachwear sort of attire. By beachwear we don't mean Bermuda shorts or two-piece bikinis paired with a sarong, but dresses in fluid, heavily-printed fabric, or a simple ensemble that comes in somber colors. Movement mustn't be constricted, since you're in a place that calls for a lot of moving around and trudging over uneven surfaces.
For Men
Men's Formal Affair
Our favorite kind of suit is a slim-fitting number with long lapels and a skinny tie. Pockets add definition to a jacket, giving it a slight depth that is both classy and super swank, although please do not stuff it silly with your wallet and keys. We suggest adding a tie pin to your neck tie, or a colorful pocket square if you go with a charcoal-gray or black-as-night suit - the color contrast will make you stand out instantly.
Men's semi Formal Affair
Sweaters with ties; a match that is hard not to love. Instead of going with a sweater that has a neckline that fits snugly against the collar, opt for a wider one that allows the shirt underneath to reveal itself. Pair it with a shirt in a quirky print or a bright color, to create a look that isn't all-formal but fun too. Complete the look by coupling it with straight-fitting jeans in a sultry, dark shade, or choose a pair of fitted khaki pants in colors like tan, chocolate, denim, or gray.
Men's Casual Affair
We're thinking - linen pants, crisp shirts, comfortable loafers, and dual-tone suits. The sunny, salt-laced beach atmosphere, calls for a burst of color for those who dare to experiment. Choose one piece of your suit or look that you want to outrageously flaunt, while downplaying the rest of your outfit so that it can highlight that one piece's eccentricity. Learn how to incorporate bright colors with demure shades of color, so that the best parts of your look are amplified.
As a wedding guest, you have the freedom to choose what to wear, but the stress to pick an outfit is inevitable. Nonetheless, if you've been to many weddings, this shouldn't be hard to do at all. If you're not sure about what to wear, you can always ask others who are going for the wedding if they're aware of what sort of theme it will encapsulate. It's easier to make a decision on what to wear for the wedding once you get those important details uncovered.
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